Man pages for oncogenetics/oncofunco
Custom function for Oncogenetics team

allMatchMatch all elements in vector.
cleanPackagesRemove all non-default packages from session.
colourHueggplot2 colours
frrCalculate Familial Relative Risk (FRR)
gen2doseConvert IMPUTE2 gen to dose
gen2vcfConvert IMPUTE2 gen to VCFv4.1 format, input for fastqtl
geneSymbolGet genes as GRanges object
getMAFCalculate MAF
glmSummaryA formatted output for glm() object
hyperlinkLocusExplorer hyperlinks for SNPs and geneSymbols
ICRcoloursICR colours
plotAnnotLocusExplorer - Annotation plot, collapsed
plotBlankBlank plot
plotEQTLLocusExplorer - TCGA eQTL plot
plotGenePlot genes using ggbio::geom_alignment
plotHistoneLocusExplorer - ENCODE histone track plot
plotLDLocusExplorer - LD plot
plotLDarcLocusExplorer - LDarc plot
plotLDmatrixLocusExplorer - LD plot matrix heatmap
plotManhattanLocusExplorer - Manhattan plot
plotSNPtypeLocusExplorer - SNP type plot
shadeTintColourShade and tints for input colour
strPadLeftLeft pad strings.
theme_LELocusExplorer ggplot custom theme
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