Man pages for quantide/qdata
Quantide's data for R courses

admissionGraduate school admission
awardsStudents awards number
bandsCylinder Bands
bankMarketing Campaigns of a Portuguese Banking Institution
banknotesSwiss Banknotes
bimetal1Bimetal Dataset in Phase I
boilingBoiling Dataset
bostonhousingBoston Houses
bottlecapMean diameter of caps produced by a forging machine
brainbodBody weight and brain weight
bwtLow Birthweight
carctlParking time
carseatQuality of car seats
cerealbxFilling cereal boxes
clottingClotting Dataset
comuniData on Italian Districts (Comuni)
defaultDefault of credit card clients
diabetesDiabetes Patients Records
diametersPin diameters
dicentricChromosomal Abnormalities Data
distanceBrake distance
drugReaction Times
druguseDrug Rates Correlations
dsMeasures of weigth and heigth in a sample of young people
forbes94Most Paid CEOs in U.S.
germanGerman Credit Cards
hormonesGrowth hormones
hotdogsHot Dogs
housingFrequency Table from a Copenhagen Housing Conditions Survey
iowheatYield of Wheat
irishedThe Raftery and Hout Irish education data
istatPeople Features
italiaData on Italian Districts
italyLongitude and Latitude about italian cities
jankaJanka Hardness
knockKnocking of the engine
labonlinepH measurement tools
lifeLife Expectations
lungNCCTG Lung Cancer Data
mdsFictional Data for MDS
mortalityMortality in the most important american cities
mtcarsMotor Trend Car Road Tests
nes96nes96 Dataset
orangeGrowth of Orange Trees
oxidantAir Pollution
paintImpurities in paints
pencapMulti-head machine
peopleWeight and Height of 300 Italian People
pimaindiansdiabetes2Diabetes of Indian People
plasticComparison of two suppliers of plastics
polyesterPolyesterification study
prostateProstate Cancer
provinceData on Italian Districts (Province)
qdataQuantide Datasets Collection
quineAbsenteeism from School in Rural New South Wales
ratsEffect of toxic agent
reactionReaction temperature
regioniData on Italian Districts (Regioni)
ripartizioniData on Italian Districts (Ripartizioni)
skinSkin cancer
smokeSmoking Habits of Different Employees in a Company
statesU.S. States Features
sturdyTear resistance
switchtPressure Switch
tissueCar seat tissues
titanicAnalysis of the data of the Titanic passengers
uscompanies79 Companies in the U.S.
uscrimeCrime Rates in the U.S.
usopenOpen era: U.S. Open tournaments
utilities22 Companies in the U.S.
varnishSolvent for varnish
volcano3dTopographic Information on Auckland's Maunga Whau Volcano
weaWeather Daily Data in Canberra
wimbledonOpen era: Wimbledon tournaments
winesItalian Wines from Piedmont, Italy
wwiileadersDistance Matrix between 12 Country Leaders of II World War
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