ncbitax - a simple NCBI taxonomy parser

A very light-weight straight-forward parser for NCBI taxonomy, for simple lineage retrieval, and common ancestor searches.

Installation, Quick Start & Usage

With devtools from git


Source code from github

git clone [email protected]:raim/ncbitax.git
R CMD build ncbitax
sudo R CMD INSTALL ncbitax_0.0.1.tar.gz

Use of this Package

This package allows to browse the NCBI taxonomy and extract sub-trees via sets of NCBI taxonomy IDs, eg. from a local blast database or genome-scanning results. The results can then be interpreted along the taxonomic tree or alignment-based phylogenetic trees, mapped to NCBI taxonomy IDs.

See the bash script scripts/ how to download NCBI taxonomy, database, the Silva 16S rRNA tree and a protein consensus tree from cyanobacteria and map all trees to NCBI taxonomy identifiers.


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