Man pages for raim/ncbitax
Simple base R parser for NCBI Taxonomy

edg2idxconvert edge table to named parent vector
getAllParentsget common parents for a list of taxon IDs
getAncestorget lowest common ancestor
get.childrensimple children retrieval
getChildrenget all chilrden of a node
getIDget taxon IDs from taxon names
getLineageget NCBI taxonomy rank lineages
getNamegets taxon names from taxon IDs
get.parentssimple lineage retrieval
getParentslineage retrieval
getRankgets taxon ranks from taxon IDs
grepNamefind taxon IDs for species name patterns
idx2edgconvert named parent vector to edge table
ncbitaxncbitax: a simple NCBI taxonomy parser
parseNCBITaxonomyload tbi taxonomy files
reduceTaxonomyreduced taxonomy tree for faster searches
tax2newickconvert NCBI taxonomy sub trees to newick format
tax2phyloconverts an NCBI taxonomy object to an 'ape::phylo' tree
updateIDsupdate a list of taxonomy IDs
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