calculatePhase: calculate peak phase

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calculate phases via a Discrete Fourier Transformation, but starting at the first time point, such that phase 0/360 indicates peak at time 0, and phase 180 indicates peak at half of the cycle TODO: implement systematic phase error for time series that do not cover multiples of full cycles; phase error related to pi/resolution, see comments in testPhase


calculatePhase(x, cycles, degrees = TRUE)



a time-series matrix with columns as time points, or a timeseries object as returned by processTimeseries


optional integer vector for the DFT components (number of cycles in the data) for which phases are to be calculated; all are returned if cycle is not specified


logical to indicate whether phases should be reported in degrees (0 - 360) or radians (0 - 2*pi)

See Also

get_fft and complex2degree

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