Man pages for reactome/ReactomeGraph4R
Interface for the Reactome Graph Database

loginLog in to the local neo4j server
matchDiseasesMATCH diseases of PhysicalEntity/Reaction/Pathway
matchHierarchyMATCH hierarchy
matchInteractorsMATCH interactors
matchObjectBasic query for database objects
matchPaperObjectsMATCH objects related to a paper
matchPErolesMATCH roles of PhysicalEntity
matchPrecedingAndFollowingEventsMATCH the preceding/following Events
matchReactionsInPathwayMATCH Reactions in associated Pathway
matchReferralsMATCH biological referrals
multiObjectsRetrieve multiple Reactome objects
ReactomeGraph4R-packageReactomeGraph4R: Interface for the Reactome Graph Database
unnestListColUnnest a column of lists in a dataframe
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