Defines functions getGEOSuppFiles getDirListing

Documented in getDirListing getGEOSuppFiles

#' get a directory listing from NCBI GEO
#' This one makes some assumptions about the structure of the HTML response
#' returned.
#' @param url A URL, assumed to return an NCBI-formatted
#'   index page
#' @importFrom xml2 read_html xml_text xml_find_all 
getDirListing <- function(url) {
  # Takes a URL and returns a character vector of filenames
    a <- xml2::read_html(url)
    fnames = grep('^G',xml_text(xml_find_all(a,'//a/@href')),value=TRUE)

#' Get Supplemental Files from GEO
#' NCBI GEO allows supplemental files to be attached to GEO Series (GSE), GEO
#' platforms (GPL), and GEO samples (GSM).  This function "knows" how to get
#' these files based on the GEO accession.  No parsing of the downloaded files
#' is attempted, since the file format is not generally knowable by the
#' computer.
#' Again, just a note that the files are simply downloaded.
#' @param GEO A GEO accession number such as GPL1073 or GSM1137
#' @param makeDirectory Should a "subdirectory" for the downloaded files be
#' created?  Default is TRUE.  If FALSE, the files will be downloaded directly
#' into the baseDir.
#' @param baseDir The base directory for the downloads.  Default is the current
#' working directory.
#' @param filter_regex A character(1) regular expression that will be
#'     used to filter the filenames from GEO to limit those files that
#'     will be downloaded. This is useful to limit to, for example,
#'     bed files only.
#' @param fetch_files logical(1). If TRUE, then actually download the
#'     files. If FALSE, just return the filenames that would have been
#'     downloaded. Useful for testing and getting a list of files
#'     without actual download.
#' @return If fetch_files=TRUE, a data frame is returned invisibly with rownames representing the
#' full path of the resulting downloaded files and the records in the
#' data.frame the output of file.info for each downloaded file.
#' If fetch_files=FALSE, a data.frame of URLs and filenames is returned.
#' @author Sean Davis <[email protected]@mail.nih.gov>
#' @keywords IO database
#' @examples
#' a <- getGEOSuppFiles('GSM1137', fetch_files = FALSE)
#' a
#' @export
getGEOSuppFiles <- function(GEO, makeDirectory = TRUE,
                            baseDir = getwd(), fetch_files = TRUE,
                            filter_regex = NULL) {
  geotype <- toupper(substr(GEO,1,3))
  storedir <- baseDir
  fileinfo <- list()
  stub = gsub('\\d{1,3}$','nnn',GEO,perl=TRUE)
  if(geotype=='GSM') {
    url <- sprintf("https://ftp.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/geo/samples/%s/%s/suppl/",stub,GEO)
  if(geotype=='GSE') {
    url <- sprintf("https://ftp.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/geo/series/%s/%s/suppl/",stub,GEO)
  if(geotype=='GPL') {
    url <- sprintf("https://ftp.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/geo/platform/%s/%s/suppl/",stub,GEO)
  fnames <- try(getDirListing(url),silent=TRUE)
  if(inherits(fnames,'try-error')) {
    message('No supplemental files found.')
    message('Check URL manually if in doubt')
  if(makeDirectory) {
    suppressWarnings(dir.create(storedir <- file.path(baseDir,GEO)))
  if(!is.null(filter_regex)) {
      fnames = fnames[grepl(filter_regex, fnames)]
  if(fetch_files) {
      for(i in fnames) {
          fileinfo[[file.path(storedir,i)]] <- file.info(file.path(storedir,i))
  } else {
      return(data.frame(fname = fnames, url = file.path(url, fnames)))
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