Man pages for shenorrLab/bseqsc
Deconvolution of Bulk Sequencing Experiments using Single Cell Data

bseqsc_basisBuilding a Basis Matrix of Reference Gene Expression Profiles
bseqscColorThemeColor Theme for BSEQsc Vignettes
bseqsc_configSetup BSeq-SC External Dependencies
bseqsc_csdiffTesting for Cell Type-Specific Gene Expression Differences
bseqsc-packagebseqsc: Deconvolution of Bulk Sequencing Experiments using...
bseqsc_proportionsEstimating Cell Type Proportions From Single Cell Data
cpm_cell_typeScale Single Cell Data According to Average Cell Type...
fitEdgeRFitting EdgeR Model
getMITRIBMITRIB Lists known ribosomal or mitochondrial genes.
MITRIBRibosomal and Mitochondrial Genes
PancreasIsletReference Basis Matrix of Pancreatic Islet Cell Types
pancreasMarkersMarker Genes for Pancreas Islet Cells
plotBasisGenerates Heatmap of Basis Matrix
plotCellTotalsPlots Total Count Per Cell Type
plotEffectSizePlotting Cell Type-Specific Expression Effect Size
pvalueScatterP-Value Scatter Plot
rscDataGenerates Random Single Cell Data
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