Man pages for tchitchek-lab/CytoCompare
Computational comparisons of cytometry profiles

as.CELL-methodsCoercion to a CELL object
as.CLUSTER-methodsCoercion to a CLUSTER object
cdf.densityCumulative distribution function of a DENSITY object
cdf.uniformCumulative distribution function of a uniform distribution
CLUSTER-classCLUSTER class definition
c-methodsCombination of CytoCompare objects
compare-methodsCompare two cytometry profiles.
create.MWEIGHTSCreation of a MWEIGHTS object
DENSITY-classDENSITY class definition
dheatmapDensity heatmap of the marker expression
export-methodsExportation of CELL objects
extract-methodsExtraction of subsets of data from CytoCompare objects
import.CITRUSImportation of cell cluster profiles from a Citrus result
import.CLUSTERImportation of cell cluster profiles from a tab separated...
import.FCSImportation of cell profiles from one or several FCS files
import.SPADEImportation of cell cluster profiles from SPADE results
import.VISNE_ACCENSEImportation of cell cluster profiles from viSNE/ACCENSE...
intersect-methodsIdentification of common markers between two cytometry...
load.examplesRetrieving of an example dataset of CytoCompare objects
MWEIGHTS-classMWEIGHTS class definition
plot-methodsPlot for all S4 CytoCompare objects
print-methodsTextual preview for all S4 CytoCompare objects
quantiles.densityQuantiles of a DENSITY object
quantiles.uniformQuantiles of a uniform distribution
RES-classRES class definition
res.dendroDendrogram representation of the comparisons results
res.graphCircular graph representation of a RES object
res.mdsCreate a Multidimensional scaling representation of a RES...
set-methodsChange marker weights in a MWEIGHTS object
show-methodsTextual preview for all S4 CytoCompare objects
SPADEResults-classSPADEResults class definition
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