Man pages for y1zhou/brendaDb
The BRENDA Enzyme Database

acronymsInformation fields and their corresponding acronyms.
brendaDb-packagebrendaDb: the BRENDA enzyme database.
CleanECNumberRemove deleted and transferred EC numbers.
ConfigBPCoresConfigure the number of cores used by BiocParallel.
DownloadBrendaDownload and unzip the BRENDA text file.
ExtractFieldExtract a specific field from a brenda.entries object.
ID2EnzymeA helper function for converting names/synonyms to EC...
InitBrendaDeprecatedEntryCreate a 'brenda.deprecated.entry' object.
InitBrendaEntryCreate a 'brenda.entry' object.
ParseGenericGeneric parser for a description string.
ParseNoDescriptionGeneric parser for a description string without extracted...
ParseProteinParse a "PROTEIN" entry.
ParseProteinNumParse protein information strings or reference strings.
ParseReactionParser for the description strings of certain...
ParseRecommendedNameParse a "RECOMMENDED_NAME" entry into a string.
ParseReferenceParse a "REFERENCE" entry.
ParseSystematicNameParse a "SYSTEMATIC_NAME" entry into a string.
PrettyPrintBrendaEntryPrint a brenda.entry in a tree view.
print.brenda.entriesShow the number of regular and transferred/deleted...
print.brenda.entryShow the non-empty fields in the query result.
PrintTreeHelperPrint the tree structure with correct whitespace.
QueryBrendaQuery for multiple enzymes.
QueryBrendaBaseQuery for a specific enzyme.
ReadBrendaRead BRENDA text file into matrix.
ReadBrendaFileRead raw BRENDA text file.
SelectOrganismSelect a subset of organisms in the brenda.query object.
SeparateEntriesConvert vector of lines to matrix.
SeparateSubentriesPreprocessing of entry description.
ShowFieldsShow all unique BRENDA fields and their corresponding...
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