ParseGeneric: Generic parser for a description string.

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ParseGenericR Documentation

Generic parser for a description string.


Descriptions are generally structured as the following:

  • Protein information is included in '#'...#',

  • Literature citations are in '<...>',

  • Commentaries in '(...)', and

  • field-special information in '...'.

This function separates these fields into different columns.


ParseGeneric(description, acronym)



A description string from one of the entries.


The acronym of the field. Can be found with ShowFields().


The description column contains values extracted by BRENDA in each field.

The fieldInfo column contains different information in different fields:

  • In a SYNONYMS entry, it is either the source of the identifier, or part of the description (a false positive).

  • In KM_VALUE, TURNOVER_NUMBER entries, it's the corresponding substrate.


A tibble with columns: proteinID, description, fieldInfo, commentary, and refID

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