#' @title validMCMC
#' @author Oyvind Bleka <Oyvind.Bleka.at.fhi.no>
#' @description Validates aposteriori samples from MCMC method
#' @details This function takes samples from the MCMC as given in a matrix and shows the aposterior functions.
#' @param mcmcfit A object returned by contLikMCMC
#' @param trace Boolean for whether showing trace of samples.
#' @param acf Boolean for whether showing autocorrelation function of samples.
#' @export
validMCMC <- function(mcmcfit,trace=TRUE,acf=TRUE) {
 txt <- colnames(mcmcfit$posttheta)
 #Ubound <- mcmcfit$Ubound #upper boundaries of parameters
 Ubound <- apply(mcmcfit$posttheta,2,max)
 Lbound <- apply(mcmcfit$posttheta,2,min)
 p <- length(txt)
 par(mfrow=c(p,1+sum(c(trace,acf)) ),mar = c(1.2,1,1,0.2), mgp = c(0,0.2,0))
 for(i in 1:p) {
  dens <- density(mcmcfit$posttheta[,i],from=Lbound[i],to=Ubound[i],n=max(Ubound[i],1024))
  xrange <- range(mcmcfit$posttheta[,i])
  mled <-dnorm(dens$x,mcmcfit$MLE[i],sqrt(mcmcfit$Sigma[i,i])) #density of lazy bayes
  plot(dens$x,dens$y,ty="l",main=txt[i],xlab="",ylab="",ylim=c(0,max(mled,dens$y)),xlim=xrange )
  if(trace) plot(mcmcfit$posttheta[,i],ty="l",ylab="",xlab="")
  if(acf) acf(mcmcfit$posttheta[,i],lag.max=200,ylab="",xlab="")
 op <- par(no.readonly = TRUE)

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