BioNet-package: Routines for the functional analysis of biological networks

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This package provides functions for the integrated analysis of biological networks and the detection of functional modules. Different datasets can be integrated into the network by assigning p-values derived from statistical tests to the nodes of the network. E.g. p-values obtained from the differential expression of genes from an Affymetrix array are assigned to the nodes of an protein-protein interaction network. By fitting a beta-uniform mixture model and calculating scores from the p-values, overall scores of network regions can be calculated and an integer linear programming algorithm identifies the maximum scoring subnetwork.


Package: BioNet
Type: Package
Version: 1.29.1
Date: 2015-09-11
License: GPL (>=2)
LazyLoad: yes


Marcus Dittrich, Daniela Beisser

Maintainer: Marcus Dittrich <>


M. T. Dittrich, G. W. Klau, A. Rosenwald, T. Dandekar and T. Mueller (2008) Identifying functional modules in protein-protein interaction networks: an integrated exact approach. (ISMB2008) Bioinformatics 24: 13. i223-i231 Jul.

D. Beisser, G. W. Klau, T. Dandekar, T. Mueller and M. Dittrich (2010) BioNet: an R-package for the Functional Analysis of Biological Networks. Bioinformatics 26:08. 1129-1130 Apr.

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