Man pages for CancerInSilico
An R interface for computational modeling of tumor progression

getAxisAngle'getAxisAngle' get the axis angle of each cell
getAxisLength'getAxisLength' get the axis length of each cell
getCoordinates'getCoordinates' get a two dimensional matrix of all the cell...
getCycleLengths'getCycleLengths' return the cycle lengths of each cells at...
getDensity'getDensity' gets the density of cells at a given time
getGrowthRates'getGrowthRates' get the model growth rates of each cell
getNumberOfCells'getNumberOfCells' get the number of cells alive
getParameters'getParameters' get a named list of parameters in the model
getRadii'getRadii' get the radius of each cell
interactivePlot'interactivePlot' plots a CellModel and allows the user to...
plotCells'plotCell' plots a CellModel at a given time
runCancerSim'runCancerSim' runs a cell-based model of cancer
runDrasdoHohme'runDrasdoHohme' runs the model based on Drasdo and Hohme...
show-CellModel-method'show' display summary of CellModel class
timeToRow'timeToRow' return the correct row in the mCells list...
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