Hs.phenomat: Design of the Homo Sapiens DTA experiment from Doelken et al.

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The phenotype matrix Hs.phenomat contains information about the experimental design. It is comprised of the filename, the type of RNA fraction measured (T, U or L), the labeling time and the replicate number.




The phenomat is a matrix comprised of the file name, the type of RNA fraction mesasured (T, U or L, fraction column), the labeling time (time,timeframe column) and the replicate number (nr column). Rows in this matrix represent the individual experiments.


Doelken, L., Ruzsics, Z., Raedle, B., Friedel, C. C., Zimmer, R., Mages, J., Hoffmann, R., Dickinson, P., Forster, T., Ghazal, P., & Koszinowski, U. H. (2008). High-resolution gene expression profiling for simultaneous kinetic parameter analysis of RNA synthesis and decay. RNA 14(9), 1959-1972.

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