Man pages for KCsmart
Multi sample aCGH analysis package using kernel convolution

calcSpmKCsmart wrapper
calcSpmCollectionKCsmart Comparative wrapper
compareSpmCollectionKCsmart Comparative calculate null distribution
compKc-classKC smart comparative
compKcSigRegions-classKC smart comparative
findSigLevelFdrThis function has not been properly implemented yet
findSigLevelTradFind significance level
getSigRegionsCompKCKCsmart Comparative calculate the signficant regions
getSigSegmentsRetrieve the significantly gained and lost regions including...
hsMirrorLocsMirror locations of the human genome
hsSampleDataHomo Sapiens artificial cgh data set
idPointsIdentify points in sample point matrix plot
KCData-classInternal class "KCData"
KcghData-classClass "KcghData"
KcghDataMirror-classClass "KcghDataMirror"
KcghDataSplit-classClass "KcghDataSplit"
KcghDataSum-classClass "KcghDataSum"
mmMirrorLocsMirror locations of the mouse genome
plotPlot a sample point matrix
plotScaleSpacePlot multiple significant regions in one figure
probeAnnotation-classClass "probeAnnotation"
samplePointMatrix-classSample point matrix
sigSegments-classSignificant segments
spmCollection-classSample point matrix collection
write.tableWrite summary of the significant regions to a table
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