KCsmart: Multi sample aCGH analysis package using kernel convolution

Multi sample aCGH analysis package using kernel convolution

Install the latest version of this package by entering the following in R:
AuthorJorma de Ronde, Christiaan Klijn, Arno Velds
Bioconductor views CopyNumberVariation Microarray Visualization aCGH
Date of publicationNone
MaintainerJorma de Ronde <j.d.ronde@nki.nl>

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calcSpm Man page
calcSpmCollection Man page
compareSpmCollection Man page
compKc-class Man page
compKcSigRegions-class Man page
findSigLevelFdr Man page
findSigLevelTrad Man page
getSigRegionsCompKC Man page
getSigSegments Man page
hsMirrorLocs Man page
hsSampleData Man page
idPoints Man page
initialize,compKc-method Man page
initialize,KcghData-method Man page
initialize,KcghDataMirror-method Man page
initialize,KcghDataSplit-method Man page
initialize,KcghDataSum-method Man page
initialize,probeAnnotation-method Man page
KCData-class Man page
[[<-,KCData-method Man page
[[,KCData-method Man page
KcghData-class Man page
KcghDataMirror-class Man page
KcghDataSplit-class Man page
KcghDataSum-class Man page
KCsmart Man page
KCsmart-package Man page
length,KCData-method Man page
mmMirrorLocs Man page
plot Man page
plot,compKc-method Man page
plot,compKc,missing-method Man page
plot,samplePointMatrix,missing-method Man page
plotScaleSpace Man page
plot,scaleSpace,missing-method Man page
probeAnnotation-class Man page
[,probeAnnotation-method Man page
samplePointMatrix-class Man page
show,compKc-method Man page
show,compKcSigRegions-method Man page
show,samplePointMatrix-method Man page
show,sigSegments-method Man page
show,spmCollection-method Man page
sigSegments-class Man page
sort,KcghData-method Man page
sort,KcghDataSum-method Man page
spmCollection-class Man page
unlist,KCData-method Man page
write.table Man page
write.table,compKcSigRegions-method Man page
write.table,sigSegments-method Man page

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