readWig: Custom wig reader

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Given 2 wig files, first is forward second is reverse. Merge them and return as GRanges object. If they contain name reverse and forward, first and second order does not matter, it will search for forward and reverse.


readWig(path, chrStyle = NULL)



a character path to two .wig files, or a data.table with 2 columns, (forward, filepath) and reverse, only 1 row.


a GRanges object, TxDb, FaFile, or a seqlevelsStyle (Default: NULL) to get seqlevelsStyle from. Is chromosome 1 called chr1 or 1, is mitocondrial chromosome called MT or chrM etc. Will use 1st seqlevel-style if more are present. Like: c("NCBI", "UCSC") -> pick "NCBI"


a GRanges object of the file/s

See Also

Other utils: bedToGR(), convertToOneBasedRanges(), export.bed12(), export.wiggle(), fimport(), findFa(), fread.bed(), optimizeReads(), readBam()

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