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Generates HTML code for a list in the specified report.


rnb.add.list(report, txt, type = "u")



Report to write the text to.


Non-empty list of items to be written. An attribute named type, if it exists, specifies the type of the list. See the Details section for more information. Every item must be either a nested list, denoting a sublist, or a character vector (or array), storing the text to be written. Any other objects are coerced to a character type. Elements are concatenated without a separator to form the text for a list item.


List type to be used for the list and/or its sublists in case the attribute type is not specified.


There are two ways to specify a list type: (1) setting a value for the attribute type of the list, or (2) using the function's parameter type. The value of the function's parameter is used only for lists and sublists that do not contain an attribute named type. The following types are supported:


Ordered list using arabic numbers - 1, 2, 3, etc.


Unordered list using bullet points.

Note that every list type must be a one-element character vector containing one of the codes listed above. Specifying any other value for list type results in an error.


The modified report, invisibly.


Yassen Assenov

See Also

Report for other functions adding contents to an HTML report


report <- createReport("example.html", "Example", init.configuration = TRUE)
recipe <- list("Sift flour in a bowl", "Add sugar and mix", "Add milk and mix")
rnb.add.list(report, recipe, type="o")

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