Uniquorn: Identification of cancer cell lines based on their weighted mutational/ variational fingerprint

This packages enables users to identify cancer cell lines. Cancer cell line misidentification and cross-contamination reprents a significant challenge for cancer researchers. The identification is vital and in the frame of this package based on the locations/ loci of somatic and germline mutations/ variations. The input format is vcf/ vcf.gz and the files have to contain a single cancer cell line sample (i.e. a single member/genotype/gt column in the vcf file). The implemented method is optimized for the Next-generation whole exome and whole genome DNA-sequencing technology. RNA-seq data is very likely to work as well but hasn't been rigiously tested yet. Panel-seq will require manual adjustment of thresholds

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AuthorRaik Otto
Bioconductor views ExomeSeq Software StatisticalMethod WholeGenome
Date of publicationNone
Maintainer'Raik Otto' <raik.otto@hu-berlin.de>

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