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Object of class ExpressionSetList containing three studies. Each element in the list is an ExpressionSet




Parmigiani et al. (2004) performed a cross-study analysis of three lung cancer studies. The studies used in this analysis were merged by UniGene identifiers to obtain a set of 3,171 gene. The R experiment data package lungExpression that was developed to facilitate the reproducibility of this analysis contains the three studies as ExpressionSets. Here, we take a random sample of 500 features from one study (the "stanford" study), and split this study into three artificial studies that each contain 4 squamous carcinomas and 3 adenocarcinomas. The three artificial studies are then used to create an instance of the ExpressionSetList class.

See Garber et al. (2001) for the raw data and description of the stanford study.


The experiment data package lungExpression (


Parmigiani et al. (2004) A cross-study comparison of gene expression studies for the molecular classification of lung cancer, Clin Cancer Res, 10(9): 2922-2927

Garber et al. (2001) Diversity of gene expression in adenocarcinoma of the lung, PNAS, 98:13784-13789



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