Man pages for flowSpy
A Toolkit for Flow And Mass Cytometry Data

createFSPYcreate an FSPY object
defLeafCellsdefinition of leaf cells
defRootCellsdefinition of root cells
fetchCellFetching cellls of FSPY
fetchClustMetaFetching clusters' metadata of FSPY
fetchPlotMetaFetching plot metadata of FSPY
find_neighborsK Nearest Neighbour Search
flowSpy-packageVisualization and analyzation for flow cytometry data
FSPY-classClass 'FSPY'
gatingMatrixApply gating on the matrix data
plot2DVisualization of 2D data of FSPY
plot3DVisualization of 3D data of FSPY
plotBranchHeatmapVisualization heatmap of branch data of FSPY
plotClusterVisualization of cluster data of FSPY
plotClusterHeatmapVisualization heatmap of cluster data of FSPY
plotHeatmapVisualization heatmap of data of FSPY
plotPieClusterVisualization pie plot of cluster data of FSPY
plotPieTreeplot MST pie of FSPY
plotPseudotimeDensityplot Pseudotime density of FSPY
plotTrajHeatmapVisualization heatmap of intermediate cells of FSPY
plotTreeplot MST of FSPY
plotViolinVisualization violin plot of FSPY
RphenographRphenoGraph clustering
runClusterSpecific Clustering Method Toolkits
runDiffCalculate differential expression markers
runDiffusionMapCalculate diffusion map in FSPY
runExprsExtractExtract the expression data from a FCS file with...
runExprsMergeMerge the expression matrix from multiple FCS files with...
runFastPCACalculate principal components in FSPY
runKNNCalculate k-nearest neighbors of FSPY
runPhenographRphenoGraph clustering
runPseudotimeCalculation of Pseudotime
runSOMcalculation SOM in FSPY object
runTSNECalculate t-Distributed Stochastic Neighbor Embedding in FSPY
runUMAPCalculating UMAP
runWalkWalk between root cells and leaf cells
show-FSPY-methodFSPY show method
subsetFSPYsubset FSPY object
updateClustMetaUpdate clusters' meta information of FSPY
updatePlotMetaUpdate plot meta information of FSPY
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