Man pages for idr2d
Irreproducible Discovery Rate for Genomic Interactions Data

calculate_midpoint_distance1dDistance between Midpoints of two Peaks
calculate_midpoint_distance2dDistance between Anchor Midpoints of two Interactions
calculate_relative_overlap1dRelative Anchor Overlap of two Peaks
calculate_relative_overlap2dRelative Anchor Overlap of two Interactions
chiapetExample Genomic Interaction Data Set
chipseqExample Genomic Peak Data Set
determine_anchor_overlapIdentifies Overlapping Anchors
draw_hic_contact_mapCreate Hi-C contact map
draw_idr_distribution_histogramCreate histogram of IDR values
draw_rank_idr_scatterplotCreate scatterplot of IDR values
draw_value_idr_scatterplotCreate scatterplot of IDR values
establish_bijectionFinds One-to-One Correspondence between Peaks or interactions...
establish_bijection1dFinds One-to-One Correspondence between Peaks from Replicate...
establish_bijection2dFinds One-to-One Correspondence between Interactions from...
establish_overlap1dEstablish m:n Mapping Between Peaks from Replicate 1 and 2
establish_overlap2dEstablish m:n mapping between interactions from replicate 1...
estimate_idrEstimates IDR for Genomic Peaks or Genomic Interactions
estimate_idr1dEstimates IDR for Genomic Peak Data
estimate_idr2dEstimates IDR for Genomic Interaction Data
estimate_idr2d_hicEstimates IDR for Genomic Interactions measured by Hi-C...
hicExample Hi-C data set
parse_hic_pro_matrixParse .matrix and .bed files from HiC-Pro for IDR2D analysis
parse_juicer_matrixParse .hic files from Juicer for IDR2D analysis
preprocessPrepares Data for IDR Analysis
remove_nonstandard_chromosomes1dRemoves Peaks on Non-standard Chromosomes
remove_nonstandard_chromosomes2dRemoves Interactions on Non-standard Chromosomes
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