Man pages for isomiRs
Analyze isomiRs and miRNAs from small RNA-seq

countsAccessors for the count matrix of a IsomirDataSeq object.
dat286.longData frame containing mirna from Argyropoulos's paper
designAccessors for the 'design' slot of a IsomirDataSeq object.
egoenrichResult class
findTargetsFind miRNAs target using mRNA/miRNA expression
gene_ex_rseData frame containing gene expression data
isoAnnotateAnnotate the rawData of the IsomirDataSeq object
isoCountsCreate count matrix with different summarizing options
isoDEDifferential expression analysis with DESeq2
IsomirDataSeqClass that contains all isomiRs annotation for all samples
IsomirDataSeqFromFilesLoads miRNA annotation from seqbuster tool or pre-processed...
isoNetworkClustering miRNAs-genes pairs in similar pattern expression
isoNormNormalize count matrix
isoPlotPlot the amount of isomiRs in different samples
isoPlotNetFunctional miRNA / gene expression profile plot
isoPlotPositionPlot nucleotides changes at a given position
isoPLSDAPartial Least Squares Discriminant Analysis for...
isoPLSDAplotPlot components from isoPLSDA analysis (pairs plot)
isoSelectMethod to select specific miRNAs from an IsomirDataSeq...
isoTopHeatmap of the top expressed isomiRs
ma_exData frame containing gene-mirna relationship
mirDataExample of IsomirDataSeq with human brain miRNA counts data
mirna2targetscanFind targets in targetscan database
mirna_ex_rseData frame containing mirna expression data
mirTritationData frame containing mirna from Argyropoulos's paper
updateIsomirDataSeqUpdate IsomirDataSeq object from version < 1.7
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