Man pages for maanova
Tools for analyzing Micro Array experiments

abf1Data for a 18-array Affymetrix experiment
adjPvalGenerate FDR adjusted P values for F test result.
arrayviewView the layout of input data
consensusBuild consensus tree out of bootstrap cluster result
dyeswapfilterGene filter for dye-swap experiment
fill.missingFill in missing data
fitmaanovaFit ANOVA model for Micro Array experiment
fomFigure of Merit
geneprofileExpression plot for selected genes
gridcheckPlot grid-by-grid data comparison for arrays
kidneyKidney Data from CAMDA
maanova-internalInternal maanova functions
maclusterClustering analysis for Microarray experiment
matestStatistical test for Microarray experiment
PairContrastPairwise comparison matrix
read.madataRead Microarray data
resiplotResidual plot for Microarray Experiment
riplotRatio intensity plot for 2-dye Microarray experiment
Rmaanova.versionDisplay the current version of the package
subset.madataSubsetting Microarray data objects
summarytableSummarize the matest result.
transform.madataMicro Array experiment data transformation
varplotVariance component plot
volcanoVolcano plot for F test results
write.madataWrite Micro Array data to a TAB delimited simple text file
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