Man pages for mmnet
A metagenomic pipeline for systems biology

annoannotation profile of two sample data sets
checkMgrastMetagenomeCheck whether the MGRAST annotation is completed
constructMetabolicNetworkMetabolic network construction of microbiome
constructSSNconstruct the state specific network
delMgrastInboxDelete the files in you MG-RAST inbox
differentialAnalyzeNetthe KO difference abundance of specific state
estimateAbundanceGetting KO (KEGG ontology) and abundance information
generateMgrastWebkeyGenerate your webkey on MGRAST
generateMgrastWebsessionGenerate your websession
getKOPathwayInfoGet the KEGG metabolic pathway information
getMgrastAnnotationGet the annotation profile from MGRAST
listMgrastInboxList the contents of the user inbox
listMgrastProjectList all the private projects you summitted to MGRAST
loadMetabolicDataMetabolic data loading
loginMgrastLogin to the MGRAST
mmnet-packageA metagenomic pipeline for systems biology
preprocessKOMetabolitesPreprocessing of KO's (enzyme's) metabolites
RefDbcacheReference data for global metabolic construction
saveMetabolicDataSave a new version of the reference metabolic data
showMetagenomicNetVisualiation of metabolic network
submitMgrastJobCreate a job on MGRAST
topologicalAnalyzeNetAnalyze the specific state network
updateKEGGPathwayUpdating and saving the reference (KEGG metabolic pathway)...
uploadMgrastUpload your sequence to MGRAST
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