nucleR: Nucleosome positioning package for R

Nucleosome positioning for Tiling Arrays and NGS experiments.

AuthorOscar Flores, Ricard Illa
Date of publicationNone
MaintainerRicard Illa <>
LicenseLGPL (>= 3)

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controlCorrection Man page
controlCorrection,list-method Man page
controlCorrection,numeric-method Man page
controlCorrection,Rle-method Man page
controlCorrection,SimpleRleList-method Man page
coverage.rpm Man page
.export.bed Man page
export.bed Man page
export.bed,CompressedIRangesList-method Man page
export.bed,GRanges-method Man page
export.bed,IRanges-method Man page
export.bed,RangedData-method Man page
export.wig Man page
filterFFT Man page
filterFFT,list-method Man page
filterFFT,numeric-method Man page
filterFFT,Rle-method Man page
filterFFT,SimpleRleList-method Man page
fragmentLenDetect Man page
fragmentLenDetect,AlignedRead-method Man page
fragmentLenDetect,RangedData-method Man page
mergeCalls Man page
nucleosome_htseq Man page
nucleosome_tiling Man page
nucleR Man page
nucleR-package Man page
pcKeepCompDetect Man page
peakDetection Man page
peakDetection,list-method Man page
peakDetection,numeric-method Man page
peakScoring Man page
peakScoring,IRangesList-method Man page
peakScoring,IRanges-method Man page
peakScoring,list-method Man page
peakScoring,numeric-method Man page
plotPeaks Man page
plotPeaks,data.frame-method Man page
plotPeaks,IRanges-method Man page
plotPeaks,numeric-method Man page
plotPeaks,RangedData-method Man page
processReads Man page
processReads,AlignedRead-method Man page
processReads,RangedData-method Man page
processTilingArray Man page
syntheticNucMap Man page

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