proFIA: Preprocessing of FIA-HRMS data

Flow Injection Analysis coupled to High-Resolution Mass Spectrometry is a promising approach for high-throughput metabolomics. FIA- HRMS data, however, cannot be pre-processed with current software tools which rely on liquid chromatography separation, or handle low resolution data only. Here we present the proFIA package, which implements a new methodology to pre-process FIA-HRMS raw data (netCDF, mzData, mzXML, and mzML) including noise modelling and injection peak reconstruction, and generate the peak table. The workflow includes noise modelling, band detection and filtering then signal matching and missing value imputation. The peak table can then be exported as a .tsv file for further analysis. Visualisations to assess the quality of the data and of the signal made are easely produced.

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AuthorAlexis Delabriere and Etienne Thevenot.
Bioconductor views Lipidomics MassSpectrometry Metabolomics PeakDetection Preprocessing Proteomics
Date of publicationNone
MaintainerAlexis Delabriere <>

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Man pages

acquisitionDirectory: Ge the class organization of directory.

analyzeAcquisitionFIA: Wrapper function for the full FIA analysis workflow.

determiningInjectionZone: First guess of the limit of the injection peak.

determiningSizePeak.Geom: Determine the limits of the injection peak in a FIA...

estimateNoiseMS: Estimate the noise of a mass spectrometer using multiple MS...

exportDataMatrix-proFIAset-method: Export data matrix.

exportExpressionSet-proFIAset-method: Export proFIAset to ExpressionSet

exportPeakTable-proFIAset-method: Export proFIAset as a peak table.

exportSampleMetadata-proFIAset-method: Export samples metadata.

exportVariableMetadata-proFIAset-method: Export variable metadata.

findBandsFIA: Detect band in a FIA acquisition

findFIAsignal: Detect peaks in an FIA acquisition.

findMzGroup-proFIAset-method: find a group in a FIA experiment.

getInjectionPeak: Fit an injection peak to an FIA acquisition.

group.FIA-proFIAset-method: Group the peaks of an FIA acquisition.

imputeMissingValues.WKNN_TN-proFIAset-method: Fill missing values in the peak table.

makeDataMatrix-proFIAset-method: Construct the data matrix of a proFIAset object.

noiseEstimation-class: An S4 class to represent heteroscedasctic noise of MS.

peaksGroup-proFIAset-method: Return the peaks corresponding to a group.

plot: Plot a summary of an FIA experiment.

plotFlowgrams-proFIAset-method: Plot raw temporal profiles of the selected group.

plotNoise: Plot the estimated noise from a proFIAset object.

plotRaw-proFIAset-method: Plotting of raw data

plotSamplePeaks-proFIAset-method: Plot the sample peak of a proFIAset object.

proFIA-package: Process FIA-HRMS datasets.

proFIAset: Process FIA experiment.

proFIAset-class: An S4 class to represent an FIA experiments.


acquisitionDirectory Man page
analyzeAcquisitionFIA Man page
dataMatrix Man page
dataMatrix,proFIAset-method Man page
determiningInjectionZone Man page
determiningSizePeak Man page
determiningSizePeak.Geom Man page
estimateNoiseMS Man page
exportDataMatrix Man page
exportDataMatrix,proFIAset-method Man page
exportExpressionSet Man page
exportExpressionSet,proFIAset-method Man page
exportPeakTable Man page
exportPeakTable,proFIAset-method Man page
exportSampleMetadata Man page
exportSampleMetadata,proFIAset-method Man page
exportVariableMetadata Man page
exportVariableMetadata,proFIAset-method Man page
findBandsFIA Man page
findFIASignal Man page
findMzGroup Man page
findMzGroup,proFIAset-method Man page
findPeaks Man page
getInjectionPeak Man page
group.FIA Man page
group.FIA,proFIAset-method Man page
groupMatrix Man page
groupMatrix,proFIAset-method Man page
imputeMissingValues.WKNN_TN Man page
imputeMissingValues.WKNN_TN,proFIAset-method Man page
injectionPeaks Man page
injectionPeaks,proFIAset-method Man page
makeDataMatrix Man page
makeDataMatrix,proFIAset-method Man page
noiseEstimation-class Man page
peaks Man page
peaksGroup Man page
peaksGroup,proFIAset-method Man page
peaks,proFIAset-method Man page
phenoClasses Man page
phenoClasses,proFIAset-method Man page
plot.FIA Man page
plotFlowgrams Man page
plotFlowgrams,proFIAset-method Man page
plotNoise Man page
plot,proFIAset,ANY-method Man page
plotRaw Man page
plotRaw,proFIAset-method Man page
plotSamplePeaks Man page
plotSamplePeaks,proFIAset-method Man page
proFIA Man page
proFIA-package Man page
proFIAset Man page
proFIAset-class Man page

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