Man pages for qpcrNorm
Data-driven normalization strategies for high-throughput qPCR data.

calcCVCalculates the Average Gene-Specific Coefficient of Variation
ctQcQuality Control Filter for Replicate Ct Values
matrixByPlateInternal function to reorganize qPCR data into a rectangular...
normQpcrHouseKeepingGenesFunction for Housekeeping Gene Normalization of qPCR Data.
normQpcrQuantileFunction for Quantile Normalization of qPCR Data.
normQpcrRankInvariantFunction for Rank-Invariant Set Normalization for qPCR Data.
plotVarMeanConstructs scatter plot to compare the effects of two...
qpcrBatch-classClass qpcrBatch
qpcrBatch.objectqpcrBatch instance qpcrBatch.object
readQpcrData Input Function for a Single qPCR Experiment.
readQpcrBatchData Input Function for a Batch of qPCR Experiments.
writeQpcrWrites qpcrBatch object out to a File.
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