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Implementation of Experiment for simulating SBML models using the SOS: (S)BML (O)DE (S)olver library.


The general workflow for running a simulation:

  1. Create or import an SBML DOM.

  2. Customize the model, for example by adding perturbation Events.

  3. Wrap the SBML DOM in a SOSSubject, e.g. new("SOSSubject", dom).

  4. Optionally construct a SOSDesign for running the experiment in batch over several sets of model parameter settings.

  5. Optionally construct a SOSProtocol for specifying the time points and other parameters controlling the simulation.

  6. Construct an instance of this class that groups the subject, design and protocol.

  7. Run simulate on the SOSExperiment, optionally specifying the number of iterations and the random seed.

  8. Analyze the returned SOSResult, perhaps starting by converting it to a time series with as.ts and making some plots.

Objects from the Class

Objects can be created by calls of the form new("SOSExperiment", ...).



Object of class SOSProtocol, where the simulation parameters are specified.


Object of class SOSDesign, specifying model parameters for each run of a batch experiment.


Object of class SOSSubject, containing the Model to be simulated.


Object of class SOSResult containing the result of the simulation.


Class Experiment, directly.



signature(object = "SOSExperiment"): simulate(object, nsim = 10, seed, ...): Simulates the SBML document in the subject slot according to the design points in design and parameters in protocol for nsim iterations, using seed as the random seed. Returns an instance of SOSExperiment, which now should include a SOSResult for analysis.


Michael Lawrence


See for more information on the SBML ODE Solver library.

See Also

The simulate method on SBMLDocument is a shortcut, but most users will probably find the above approach most useful.

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