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Bayesian Object Oriented Modeling

add.segmentsFunction to add horizontal line segments to an existing plot
ar1.coefficient.priorNormal prior for an AR1 coefficient
beta.priorBeta prior for a binomial proportion
boxplot.mcmc.matrixPlot the distribution of a matrix
boxplot.trueCompare Boxplots to True Values
checkCheck MCMC Output
check.dataChecking data formats
circlesDraw Circles
compare.denCompare several density estimates.
compare.dynamic.distributionsCompare Dynamic Distributions
compare.many.densitiesCompare several density estimates.
compare.many.tsCompares several density estimates.
compare.vector.distributionsBoxplots to compare distributions of vectors
dirichlet-distributionThe Dirichlet Distribution
dirichlet.priorDirichlet prior for a multinomial distribution
discrete-uniform-priorDiscrete prior distributions
dmvnMultivariate Normal Density
double.modelPrior distributions for a real valued scalar
external.legendAdd an external legend to an array of plots.
gamma.priorGamma prior distribution
generate_factor_dataGenerate a data frame of all factor data
histabunchA Bunch of Histograms
inverse-wishartInverse Wishart Distribution
invgammaInverse Gamma Distribution
is.evenCheck whether a number is even or odd.
lmgammaLog Multivariate Gamma Function
log.integrated.gaussian.likelihoodLog Integrated Gaussian Likelihood
lognormal.priorLognormal Prior Distribution
markov.priorPrior for a Markov chain
mscanScan a Matrix
mvn.diagonal.priordiagonal MVN prior
mvn.independent.sigma.priorIndependence prior for the MVN
mvn.priorMultivariate normal prior
normal.inverse.gamma.priorNormal inverse gamma prior
normal.inverse.wishart.priorNormal inverse Wishart prior
normal.priorNormal (scalar Gaussian) prior distribution
pairs.densityPairs plot for posterior distributions.
plot.density.contoursContour plot of a bivariate density.
plot.dynamic.distributionPlots the pointwise evolution of a distribution over an index...
plot.macfPlots individual autocorrelation functions for many-valued...
plot.many.tsMultiple time series plots
regression.coefficient.conjugate.priorRegression Coefficient Conjugate Prior
replistRepeated Lists of Objects
rmvnMultivariate Normal Simulation
scaled.matrix.normal.priorScaled Matrix-Normal Prior
sd.priorPrior for a standard deviation or variance
sufstatSufficient Statistics
suggest.burn.log.likelihoodSuggest MCMC Burn-in from Log Likelihood
thinThin the rows of a matrix
thin.matrixThin a Matrix
timeseries.boxplotTime Series Boxplots
ToStringConvert to Character String
traceproductTrace of the Product of Two Matrices
uniform.priorUniform prior distribution
wishartWishart Distribution
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