testParameterOptimality: Function to return the optimality of a parameter vector for a...

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Function to return the optimality of a parameter vector for a breeding scheme given a simulation environment


testParameterOptimality(sEnv = NULL, schemeFileName, parmList,
  objectiveFunc, budget = 1000)



the environment that BSL functions operate in. This environment should be fresh from defineSpecies, defineVariances, and defineCosts. If NULL, the default simEnv is attempted


source file that holds the script of the breeding scheme. The scheme should return a value to be maximized in a variable called objective. If you want to use a non-default simulation environment, you need to plan for that in the schemeFile by giving sEnv as the first parameter in all of the BSL functions


(preferably) named list with values of parameters characterizing the breeding scheme


a function that can be applied to a BSL simulation environment to return a value showing the realized performance of the breeding scheme


the maximum budget that is allowed for the breeding scheme


Two-object list: objective is the objective function value of the breeding scheme given the simulation environment and the parameter vector and totalCost is the budget used by the breeding scheme. If the parameter vector causes the scheme to exceed the given budget, objective=NA

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