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Tango's Statistic for General Clustering


Tango's statistic to perform a general clustering test is expressed as follows:

T = (r-p)^{'} A (r-p)

where r^{'} = [O_1/O_+, \ldots, O_n/O_+], p^{'}=[E_1/E_+, \ldots, E_n/E_+] and A is a matrix of closeness which measures the cloneness between two zones (the higher the closer).

Tango proposes to take A_{ij}=\exp\{-D_{ij}/\phi\}, where D_{ij} is the distance between centroids of regions i and j, and \phi is a constant that measures how strong is the relationship between regions in a general way.


Tango, Toshiro (1995). A Class of Tests for Detecting 'General' and 'Focused' Clustering of Rare Diseases. Statistics in Medicine 14, 2323-2334.

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