StatPDEdensity: Pareto Density Estimation

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Pareto Density Estimation


Density estimation for ggplot with a clear model behind it.


The format is: Classes 'StatPDEdensity', 'Stat', 'ggproto' <ggproto object: Class StatPDEdensity, Stat> aesthetics: function compute_group: function compute_layer: function compute_panel: function default_aes: uneval extra_params: na.rm finish_layer: function non_missing_aes: parameters: function required_aes: x y retransform: TRUE setup_data: function setup_params: function super: <ggproto object: Class Stat>


PDE was published in [Ultsch, 2005], short explanation in [Thrun, Ultsch 2018] and the PDE optimized violin plot was published in [Thrun et al., 2018].


[Ultsch,2005] Ultsch, A.: Pareto density estimation: A density estimation for knowledge discovery, in Baier, D.; Werrnecke, K. D., (Eds), Innovations in classification, data science, and information systems, Proc Gfkl 2003, pp 91-100, Springer, Berlin, 2005.

[Thrun, Ultsch 2018] Thrun, M. C., & Ultsch, A. : Effects of the payout system of income taxes to municipalities in Germany, in Papiez, M. & Smiech,, S. (eds.), Proc. 12th Professor Aleksander Zelias International Conference on Modelling and Forecasting of Socio-Economic Phenomena, pp. 533-542, Cracow: Foundation of the Cracow University of Economics, Cracow, Poland, 2018.

[Thrun et al, 2018] Thrun, M. C., Pape, F., & Ultsch, A. : Benchmarking Cluster Analysis Methods using PDE-Optimized Violin Plots, Proc. European Conference on Data Analysis (ECDA), accepted, Paderborn, Germany, 2018.

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