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Inference Using Simulation

add.reftableCreate or augment a list of simulated distributions of...
add.simulationCreate or augment a list of simulated distributions of...
check_raw_statsCheck linear dependencies among raw summary statistics
confint.SLikCompute confidence intervals by (profile) summary likelihood
densvSaved computations of inferred log-likelihoods
dMixmodInternal S4 classes.
example_rawWorkflow for primitive method, without projections
example_raw_projWorkflow for primitive method, with projections
example_reftableWorkflow for method with reference table
extractorsSummary, print and logLik methods for Infusion results.
focal_refineRefine summary likelihood profile in focal parameter values
get_fromBackward-compatible extractor from summary-likelihood objects
get_LRbootSummary likelihood ratio tests
get_nbCluster_rangeControl of number of components in Gaussian mixture modelling
goftestAssessing goodness of fit of inference using simulation
handling_NAsDiscrete probability masses and NA/NaN/Inf in distributions...
infer_jointDensInfer a (summary) likelihood surface from a simulation table
infer_logLsInfer log Likelihoods using simulated distributions of...
infer_surfaceInfer a (summary) likelihood or tail probability surface from...
InfusionInference using simulation
Infusion-internalInternal Infusion Functions
init_gridDefine starting points in parameter space.
magic.binningMultivariate histogram
MSLMaximum likelihood from an inferred likelihood surface
optionsInfusion options settings
plot1DprofPlot likelihood profiles
plot.SLikPlot SLik or SLikp objects
predict.SLik_jEvaluate log-likelihood for given parameters
profile.SLikCompute profile summary likelihood
projectLearn a projection method for statistics and apply it
refine.SLikRefine estimates iteratively.
sample_volumeSample the parameter space
summLikModel density evaluation for given data and parameters
write_workflowWorkflow template
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