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Inference Using Simulation

add.simulationCreate or augment a list of simulated distributions of...
confint.SLikCompute confidence intervals by (profile) summary likelihood
densvSaved computations of inferred log-likelihoods
handling_NAsDiscrete probability masses and NA/NaN/Inf in distributions...
infer_jointDensInfer as (summary) likelihood surface from a simulation table
infer_logLsInfer log Likelihoods using simulated distributions of...
infer_surfaceInfer a (summary) likelihood or tail probability surface from...
InfusionInference using simulation
Infusion-internalInternal Infusion Functions
init_gridDefine starting points in parameter space.
magic.binningMultivariate histogram
MSLMaximum likelihood from an inferred likelihood surface
optionsInfusion options settings
plot1DprofPlot likelihood profiles
plot.SLikPlot SLik or SLikp objects
profile.SLikCompute profile summary likelihood
projectLearn a projection method for statistics and applies it
refine.SLikRefine estimates iteratively.
sample_volumeSample the parameter space
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