profile.SLik: Compute profile summary likelihood

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Compute profile summary likelihood


Predicts the profile likelihood for a given parameter value (or vector of such values) using predictions from an SLik object (as produced by MSL).


## S3 method for class 'SLik'
profile(fitted, value, fixed=NULL, return.optim=FALSE, 
                       init = "default", which="safe", ...)
## S3 method for class 'SLik_j'
profile(fitted, ...)



an SLik object.


The parameter value (as a vector of named values) for which the profile is to be computed


When this is NULL the computed interval is a profile confidence interval over all parameters excluding value. fixed allows one to set fixed values to some of these parameters.


If this is TRUE, and if maximization of likelihood given value and fixed is indeed required, then the full result of the optimization call is returned.


For SLik_j method, arguments passed to SLik method. For SLik_j method, currently not used.


Better ignored. Either a named vector of parameter values (initial value for some optimizations) or a character string. The default is to call a procedure to find a good initial point from a set of candidates. The source code should be consulted for further details and is subject to change without notice.


Better ignored (for development purpose).


The predicted summary profile log-likelihood; or possibly the result of an optimization call if return.optim is TRUE.


## see main documentation page for the package

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