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dMixmod is an S4 class describing distributions that involve discrete probability masses for some variables and gaussian mixtures for other variables conditional on such discrete events. In terms of the represented probability models, and of its slots, is effectively extends the MixmodResults class from the Rmixmod package. But it does not formally extends this class in termes of OOP programming. It should not be considered as part of the programming interface, and may be subject to backward-incompatible modifications without notice.


# dMixmod: Don't try to use it!


A dMixmod object has the same slots as a MixmodResults object, plus additional ones: @freq is the frequency of the conditioning event for the gaussian mixture model. In the Infusion code, this event is defined jointly by the “observed” summary statistics and the reference simulation table: a probability mass for specific values v is identified from the simulated distribution of summary statistics in the reference table, and freq is an estimate of the probability mass if the summary statistics match v, or the converse probability if they do not match.


Use str(attributes(.)) to see the slots of a dMixmod object if str(.) does not work.

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