densv: Saved computations of inferred log-likelihoods

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These are saved results from toy examples used in other documentation page for the package. It gives estimates by simulation of log-likelihoods of the (mu,s2) parameters of a Gaussian distribution for a given sample of size 20 with mean 4.1416238 and (bias-corrected) variance 0.9460778. densv is based on the sample mean and sample variance as summary statistics, and densb on more contrived summary statistics.




Data frames (with additional attributes) with observations on the following 5 variables.


a numeric vector; mean parameter of simulated Gaussian samples


a numeric vector; variance parameter of simulated Gaussian samples


a numeric vector; size of simulated Gaussian samples


a numeric vector; log probability density of a given statistic vector inferred from simulated values for the given parameters


a boolean vector. See infer_logLs for its meaning.

Both data frames are return objects of a call to infer_logLs, and as such they includes attributes providing information about the parameter names and statistics names (not detailed here).

See Also

See step (3) of the workflow in the Example on the main Infusion documentation page, showing how densv was produced, and the Example in project showing how densb was produced.

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