MendelianRandomization: Mendelian Randomization Package

Encodes several methods for performing Mendelian randomization analyses with summarized data. Summarized data on genetic associations with the exposure and with the outcome can be obtained from large consortia. These data can be used for obtaining causal estimates using instrumental variable methods.

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AuthorOlena Yavorska <>
Date of publication2016-09-30 23:09:43
MaintainerStephen Burgess <>
LicenseGPL-2 | GPL-3

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Man pages

calcium: Data on effect of calcium on fasting glucose (correlated...

ci_normal: Calculate confidence intervals using the normal distribution

ci_t: Calculate confidence intervals using the t-distribution

coursedata: Course data

decimals: Produce nicely rounded numbers

egger.bounds: Calculates confidence intervals for the MR-Egger method

Egger-class: Egger Class

extract.pheno.csv: Extract summarized data from a PhenoScanner .csv file

getter: Applies method $ to different classes

IVW-class: IVW Class

ldlc: Data on lipid effects on coronary artery disease...

loglikelihood: Calculates log-likelihood with uncorrelated variants in...

loglikelihoodcorrel: Calculates log-likelihood with correlated variants in...

loglikelihoodrhocorrel: Calculates log-likelihood with correlation from sample...

MaxLik-class: MaxLik Class

MRAll-class: MRAll Class

mr_allmethods: Mendelian randomization estimation using all methods

mr_egger: MR-Egger method

mr_input: Inputting and formatting data for use in causal estimation

MRInput-class: MRInput Class

mr_ivw: Inverse-variance weighted method

mr_maxlik: Maximum-likelihood method

mr_median: Median-based method

mr_plot: Draw a scatter plot of the genetic associations and/or causal...

penalised.weights: Calculates p-values for penalization of weights Calculates p-values for penalization of weights with...

r.weights: Calculates p-values for penalization of weights Calculates p-values for penalization of weights with...

simpleCap: Capitalize a word

values: Applies method values() to different output classes

weighted.median: Weighted median function Weighted median standard error function

WeightedMedian-class: WeightedMedian Class


calcium Man page
calciumse Man page
calc.rho Man page
chdlodds Man page
chdloddsse Man page
ci_normal Man page
ci_t Man page
coursedata Man page
decimals Man page
egger.bounds Man page
Egger-class Man page
$,Egger-method Man page
extract.pheno.csv Man page
fastgluc Man page
fastglucse Man page
getter Man page
hdlc Man page
hdlcse Man page
IVW-class Man page
$,IVW-method Man page
ldlc Man page
ldlcse Man page
lipid_eaf Man page
lipid_effect Man page
lipid_other Man page
loglikelihood Man page
loglikelihoodcorrel Man page
loglikelihoodrhocorrel Man page
MaxLik-class Man page
$,MaxLik-method Man page
MRAll-class Man page
$,MRAll-method Man page
mr_allmethods Man page
mr_allmethods,MRInput-method Man page
mr_egger Man page
mr_egger,MRInput-method Man page
mr_input Man page
MRInput-class Man page
$,MRInput-method Man page
mr_ivw Man page
mr_ivw,MRInput-method Man page
mr_maxlik Man page
mr_maxlik,MRInput-method Man page
mr_median Man page
mr_median,MRInput-method Man page
mr_plot Man page
mr_plot,MRAll-method Man page
mr_plot,MRInput-method Man page
penalised.weights Man page Man page
r.weights Man page Man page
simpleCap Man page
trig Man page
trigse Man page
values Man page
values,Egger-method Man page
values,IVW-method Man page
values,MaxLik-method Man page
values,WeightedMedian-method Man page
weighted.median Man page Man page
WeightedMedian-class Man page
$,WeightedMedian-method Man page

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