Man pages for MendelianRandomization
Mendelian Randomization Package

calciumData on effect of calcium on fasting glucose (correlated...
ci_normalCalculate confidence intervals using the normal distribution
ci_tCalculate confidence intervals using the t-distribution
coursedataCourse data
decimalsProduce nicely rounded numbers
egger.boundsCalculates confidence intervals for the MR-Egger method
Egger-classEgger Class
extract.pheno.csvExtract summarized data from a PhenoScanner .csv file
getterApplies method $ to different classes
het.weightHeterogeneity-penalized weight function
IVW-classIVW Class
ldlcData on lipid effects on coronary artery disease...
loglikelihoodCalculates log-likelihood with uncorrelated variants in...
loglikelihoodcorrelCalculates log-likelihood with correlated variants in...
loglikelihoodrhocorrelCalculates log-likelihood with correlation from sample...
MaxLik-classMaxLik Class
mbe_bootMode-based estimate (Hartwig) bootstrap function
mbe_estMode-based estimate (Hartwig) estimation function
model.priorPrior weight function
MRAll-classMRAll Class
mr_allmethodsMendelian randomization estimation using all methods
mr_eggerMR-Egger method
mr_hetpenHeterogeneity-penalized method
MRHetPen-classMRHetPen Class
mr_inputInputting and formatting data for use in causal estimation
MRInput-classMRInput Class
mr_ivwInverse-variance weighted method
mr_maxlikMaximum-likelihood method
mr_mbeMode-based method of Hartwig
MRMBE-classMRMBE Class
mr_medianMedian-based method
mr_mvinputInputting and formatting data for use in causal estimation
MRMVInput-classMRMVInput Class
mr_mvivwMultivariable inverse-variance weighted method
mr_plotDraw a scatter plot of the genetic associations and/or causal...
MVIVW-classMVIVW Class
penalised.weightsCalculates p-values for penalization of weights
penalised.weights.deltaCalculates p-values for penalization of weights with...
r.weightsCalculates p-values for penalization of weights
r.weights.deltaCalculates p-values for penalization of weights with...
simpleCapCapitalize a word
valuesApplies method values() to different output classes
weighted.medianWeighted median function
weighted.median.boot.seWeighted median standard error function
WeightedMedian-classWeightedMedian Class
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