Man pages for MetaIntegrator
Meta-Analysis of Gene Expression Data

backwardSearchBackward Search Function
calcMetaPowerCalculates the statistical power of a random effects...
calculateROCCalculate ROC Curve Statistics
calculateScoreCalculate a signature Z-score for a set of genes in a single...
checkDataObjectCheck for errors in objects used for analysis
classFunctionHelper function to build the class vector
cleanUpPhenoAutomatic preprocessing of $pheno dataframe
coconutMetaIntegratorA wrapper function to run COCONUT on the MetaIntegrator...
ens_ensgID_tableENSEMBL gene id table cache
ens_entrez_tableENSEMBL entrez table cache
filterGenesFilter out significant genes from meta-analysis results
forestPlotCompare effect sizes of a gene across all datasets in...
forwardSearchForward Search Function
geneSymbolCorrectionCorrect/update gene symbols in a metaObject
getGEODataGEO download/processing through GEOquery
getMostRecentFilterGet name of most recent filter
getSampleLevelGeneDataExtract gene-level data from a given data object
ggForestPlotCompare effect sizes of a gene across all datasets in...
heatmapPlotGenerates a heatmap with effect sizes for all genes which...
immunoStatesDecovimmunoStates deconvolution analysis on MetaIntegrator...
immunoStatesGenePropCorrCorrect gene expression using cell proportions from...
immunoStatesMatriximmunoStates basis matrix
immunoStatesMetaimmunoStates deconvolution analysis on MetaIntegrator...
imputeSexImputes biological sex of each sample in a Dataset object
lincsBaitCorrRun Shane's LINCS bait-based correlation on MetaIntegrator
lincsCorrelateRun Shane's LINCS Correlate on MetaIntegrator
lincsToolsRun Shane's LINCS Tools on MetaIntegrator
manhattanPlotGenerates a Manhattan plot with effect size FDR as y-axis
metaIntegrator_public-packageMetaIntegrator package for meta-analysis of gene expression...
multiplePRCPlotGenerate a plot with multiple PRC curves
multipleROCPlotGenerate a plot with multiple ROC curves
pooledROCPlotGenerate a plot with a pooled ROC curve
prcPlotPlot the PRC Curve for a Dataset
regressionPlotGenerate a plot which draws a regression line between the...
rocPlotPlot ROC Curve for a Dataset
runMetaAnalysisRun the meta-analysis algorithm
subsetOriginalDataSubset samples for a particular dataset
summarizeFilterResultsSummarize the filtered analysis results
summaryROCCalcCalculate the summaryROC statistics
summaryROCPlotGenerate a plot with a summary ROC curve
tinyMetaObjectA Tiny MetaObject
ucsc_genbank_tableUCSC genbank table cache
ucsc_refseq_tableUCSC refseq table cache
violinPlotCompare groups within a single dataset in a violin plot
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