Man pages for MetaIntegrator
Meta-Analysis of Gene Expression Data

backwardSearchBackward Search Function
calculateROCCalculate ROC Curve Statistics
calculateScoreCalculate a signature Z-score for a set of genes in a single...
checkDataObjectCheck for errors in objects used for analysis
ens_ensgID_tableENSEMBL gene id table cache
ens_entrez_tableENSEMBL entrez table cache
filterGenesFilter out significant genes from meta-analysis results
forestPlotCompare effect sizes of a gene across all datasets in...
forwardSearchForward Search Function
getGEODataGEO download/processing through GEOquery
getMostRecentFilterGet name of most recent filter
getSampleLevelGeneDataExtract gene-level data from a given data object
heatmapPlotGenerates a heatmap with effect sizes for all genes which...
metaIntegrator_public-packageMetaIntegrator package for meta-analysis of gene expression...
regressionPlotGenerate a plot which draws a regrssion line between the Meta...
rocPlotPlot ROC Curve for a Dataset
runMetaAnalysisRun the meta-analysis algorithm
summarizeFilterResultsSummarize the filtered analysis results
tinyMetaObjectA Tiny MetaObject
ucsc_genbank_tableUCSC genbank table cache
ucsc_refseq_tableUCSC refseq table cache
violinPlotCompare groups within a single dataset in a violin plot
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