Defines functions ClassificationCV

Documented in ClassificationCV

#'@title ClassificationCV.
#'\code{ClassificationCV} will perform a classification using SVM's and/or Decision Trees including cross validation on a data set according to a provided grouping vector.
#'This function allows to demonstrate the functionality of different classification tools with respect to building classfier for metabolomics data.
#'@param d Data matrix or data.frame with named rows (samples) and columns (traits).
#'@param g Group-vector, factor.
#'@param n Replicates of classifications.
#'@param k Number of folds per replicate.
#'@param rand Randomize Group-vector (and apply according n and k to this randomization).
#'@param method Currently \code{svm}, \code{ropls} and decison tree methods \code{C50} and \code{rpart} are supported.
#'@param method.control A list of parameters, forwarded to the respective classification function.
#'@param silent Logical. Set TRUE to supress progress bar and warnings.
#'A list of classification results which can be analyzed for accuracy, missclassified samples etc.
#'# check the examples in \code{\link{ClassificationWrapper}} for automatic multifold analysis
#'@importFrom e1071 svm
#'@importFrom rpart rpart
#'@importFrom caret createMultiFolds
#'@importFrom caret confusionMatrix
#'@importFrom C50 C5.0
#'@importFrom C50 C5imp
#'@importFrom rlang call2
#'@importFrom rlang splice
#'@importFrom utils setTxtProgressBar
#'@importFrom utils txtProgressBar
#'@importFrom stats runif
#'@importFrom stats predict
#'@importFrom ropls opls
#'@importFrom stats as.formula

ClassificationCV <- function(d=NULL, g=NULL, n=1, k=1, rand=F, method=c("svm","C50","rpart","ropls")[1], method.control=list(), silent=FALSE) {
  # warn and substitute in case of missing values
  if (method %in% c("C50","svm") && !all(is.finite(d))) {
    warning("Missing values found. Replace using NIPALS algorithm.")
    d <- ReplaceMissingValues(x=d)
  # without CV (returning only the classification model for the observed data (or a single random set))
  if (k==1 && n>1) {
    if (!silent) warning("...returning classification-model only as replications (n>1) are not meaningfull without crossvalidation (k=1).")
    n <- 1
  # CV-fold must be <= number of replicates of smallest group
  stopifnot(1 <= min(table(g))/k)
  # randomize group vector; !! if you want to do real permutations than use an outer loop and k=x, n=1 and rand=seed within this function
  if (is.numeric(rand)) {
    local.seed <- rand
    rand <- TRUE
  } else {
    local.seed <- n*k
  if (rand) {
    g <- sample(factor(g))
  # ensure that g is factor
  if (!is.factor(g)) {
    g <- as.factor(g)
    if (!silent) warning("Converting 'g' to factor.")
  # ensure that d is data.frame
  d <- as.data.frame(d)
  # prepare function call
  #method.control <- list()
  if (method=="svm") {
    svm.control <- list("kernel"="linear","type"="C-classification","cost"=1)
    for (arg in names(svm.control)) if (!arg %in% names(method.control)) method.control[[arg]] <- svm.control[[arg]]
    fnc <- rlang::call2(e1071::svm, rlang::splice(method.control))
  if (method=="rpart") {
    rpart.control <- list("method"="class")
    for (arg in names(rpart.control)) if (!arg %in% names(method.control)) method.control[[arg]] <- rpart.control[[arg]]
    fnc <- rlang::call2(rpart::rpart, rlang::splice(method.control))
  if (method=="C50") {
    C50.control <- list("method"="class")
    for (arg in names(C50.control)) if (!arg %in% names(method.control)) method.control[[arg]] <- C50.control[[arg]]
    fnc <- rlang::call2(C50::C5.0, rlang::splice(method.control))
  if (method=="ropls") {
    ropls.control <- list("predI"=1,"orthoI"=1, printL=FALSE, plotL=FALSE)
    for (arg in names(ropls.control)) if (!arg %in% names(method.control)) method.control[[arg]] <- ropls.control[[arg]]
    fnc <- rlang::call2(ropls::opls, rlang::splice(method.control))
  if (method=="rpart") {
    fnc$formula <- stats::as.formula("Group ~ .")
    fnc$data <- data.frame("Group"=g, d)
  } else {
    fnc$x <- d
    fnc$y <- g
  if (k==1) {
    # without CV
    tmp <- eval(fnc)
  } else {
    # with CV
    # sample balanced training sets in k-folds
    index <- caret::createMultiFolds(y=g, k=k, times=n)
    # set ProgressBar
    if (!silent) {
      print(paste("Doing", k, "fold classification with", method, "method using", n, "replications on", ifelse(rand, "randomized", "observed"), "data."))
      pb <- txtProgressBar(title=paste(n, "replicates"), label="progress...", min=0, max=n)
    # do n replications of selected classification method and return interesting parameters
    tmp <- lapply(as.list(1:n), function(i) { # over all replications do...
      if (!silent) setTxtProgressBar(pb, value=i)
      pred <- vector("list",length=k)
      imp <- vector("list",length=k)
      misscl <- vector("list",length=k)
      numnodes <- vector("list",length=k)
      for (j in 1:k) { # for all k-folds of this replication 'n' do
        ind <- index[[(i-1)*k+j]]
        if (method=="rpart") {
          fnc$formula <- stats::as.formula("Group ~ .")
          fnc$data <- data.frame("Group"=g[ind], d[ind,])
        } else {
          fnc$x <- d[ind,]
          fnc$y <- g[ind]
        model <- try(eval(fnc))
        # try to catch some errors which may occur, obtained
        catch_err <- !class(model) %in% c("opls","svm","rpart","C5.0")
        catch_err <- catch_err | (class(model)=="C5.0" && model[["size"]]==1)
        if (catch_err) {
          pred[[j]] <- NA
          misscl[[j]] <- NA
          imp[[j]] <- NA
        } else {
          if (method=="ropls") {
            pred[[j]] <- ropls::predict(model, newdata=d[-ind,]) # prediction
          } else {
            pred[[j]] <- stats::predict(model, newdata=d[-ind,]) # prediction
          if (method=="rpart") pred[[j]] <- apply(pred[[j]], 1, function(y) { colnames(pred[[j]])[which.max(y)] })
          names(pred[[j]]) <- rownames(d[-ind,])
          misscl[[j]] <- names(pred[[j]])[which(pred[[j]]!=g[-ind])] # missclassification
          if (class(model)=="svm") imp[[j]] <- model[["variable.importance"]]
          if (class(model)=="opls") imp[[j]] <- model@"vipVn"
          if (class(model)=="rpart") numnodes[[j]] <- sum(model[["frame"]][,"var"]!="<leaf>")
          if (class(model)=="C5.0") imp[[j]] <- rownames(C50::C5imp(model)[C50::C5imp(model)$Overall!=0,,drop=F])
      pred <- factor(unlist(pred)[rownames(d)]) # combine the fold results
      if (any(is.na(pred))) {
        warning("Some decision tree models were of size 1 (no classification possible). Skip calculating confusion matrix and returning NA instead.")
        conf <- list("overall"=NA)
      } else {
        conf <- caret::confusionMatrix(data=pred, reference=g) # compute confusion matrix for this replicate
      if (method=="ropls") imp <- sapply(imp, function(x) { x })
      return(list("Missclassified"=unlist(misscl), "ConfusionMatrix"=conf, "Importance"=unlist(imp), "NumberOfNodes"=unlist(numnodes)))
    if (!silent) close(pb)

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