Man pages for PASWR
Probability and Statistics with R

AggressionTV and Behavior
AppleApple Hardness
AptSizeApartment Size
BaberuthGeorge Herman Ruth
BacBlood Alcohol Content
BatteryLithium Batteries
bino.genSimulating Binomial Distribution
biomassBeech Trees
BodyfatBody Fat Composition
CalculusCalculus Assessment Scores
Cars2004EUCars in the European Union (2004)
checking.plotsChecking Plots
ChipsSilicon Chips
CircuitDesignsCircuit Design Lifetime
CIsimConfidence Interval Simulation Program
CosAmaCosmed Versus Amatek
CowsButterfat of Cows
DependNumber of Dependent Children for 50 Families
DrosophilaDrosophila Melanogaster
EDAExploratory Data Analysis
EngineerEngineer Salaries
EPIDURALTraditional Sitting Position Versus Hamstring Stretch...
EPIDURALfTraditional Sitting Position Versus Hamstring Stretch...
EURDEuropean Union Research and Development
fagusRetained Carbon in Beech Trees
FCDFat Cats
FertilizeCross and Auto Fertilization
foodCarrot Shear
Formula1Pit Stop Times
GDTimes Until Failure
glucoseBlood Glucose Levels
GradesGPA and SAT Scores
GroceryGrocery Spending
HardWaterMortality and Water Hardness
HouseHouse Prices
HSwrestlerHigh School Wrestlers
HubbleHubble Telescope
InsurQuotesInsurance Quotes
interval.plotInterval Plot
jankaAustralian Eucalypt Hardwoods
KinderKindergarten Class
ksdistSimulated Distribution of D[n] (Kolmogorov-Smirnov)
ksLdistSimulated Lilliefors' Test of Normality Values
LeddiodeLED Diodes
LostRLost Revenue Due to Worker Illness
MilkCartonMilk Carton Drying Times
normareaNormal Area
nsizeRequired Sample Size
ntesterNormality Tester
oneway.plotsExploratory Graphs for Single Factor Designs
PASWR-packageProbability and Statistics with R
PhoneTelephone Call Times
RatRat Survival Time
RatbpRat Blood Pressure
RefrigeratorRefrigerator Energy Consumption
RoacheggsOriental Cockroaches
SalinitySurface Water Salinity
satfruitFruit Trees
SchizoDopamine Activity
ScoreStandardized Test Scores
SDS4M1 Motorspeedway Times
SIGN.testSign Test
SimDataSTSimulated Data (Predictors)
SimDataXTSimulated Data (Logarithms)
SoccerWorld Cup Soccer
SRSSimple Random Sample
StatTempsStudent Temperature
StschoolSchool Satisfaction
SundigWorkstation Comparison
sunflowerSunflower Defoliation
SurfaceSpainSurface Area for Spanish Communities
SwimtimesSwim Times
TennisSpeed Detector
TestScoresStatistics Grades
TireTire Stopping Distances
TireWearTire Wear
titanic3Titanic Survival Status
TOENuclear Energy
Top20Tennis Income
tsum.testSummarized t-test
twoway.plotsExploratory Graphs for Two Factor Designs
URLaddressMegabytes Downloaded
vit2005Apartments in Vitoria
WaitWaiting Time
WasherWasher Diameter
WaterSodium Content of Water
WCSTWisconsin Card Sorting Test
WeightGainWeight Gain in Rats
WheatSpainWheat Surface Area in Spain
wheatUSA2004USA Wheat Surface 2004
wilcoxE.testWilcoxon Exact Test
WoolWool Production
zsum.testSummarized z-test
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