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Probability and Statistics with R


Data and functions for the book Probability and Statistics with R


Package: PASWR
Type: Package
Version: 1.2
Date: 2016-02-24
License: GPL (>=2)

Comprehensive and engineering-oriented, Probability and Statistics with R provides a thorough treatment of probability and statistics, clear and accessible real-world examples, and fully detailed proofs. The text provides step-by-step explanations for numerous examples in R and S-PLUS for nearly every topic covered, including both traditional and nonparametric techniques. With a wide range of graphs to illustrate complex material as well as a solutions manual, the book also offers an accompanying website that features supporting information, including datasets, functions, and other downloadable material. It is ideal for undergraduate students and for engineers and scientists who must perform statistical analyses.


Alan T. Arnholt

Maintainer: <>


Ugarte, M. D., Militino, A. F., and Arnholt, A. T. (2008) Probability and Statistics with R. Chapman & Hall/CRC.

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