Man pages for QTLRel
Tools for Mapping of Quantitative Traits of Genetically Related Individuals and Calculating Identity Coefficients from Pedigrees

aicVCAIC Model Selection
blupBest Linear Unbiased Prediction
cicCalculate Jacquard condensed identity coefficients
eigen_symSpectral decomposition of a matrix
estVCEstimate Variance Component Parameters
genMatrixDerive genetic matrices
genoImputeImpute Genotypic Data
genoProbProbability of a Genotype.
genoSimGenerate Genotypic Data
glsGeneralized Least Squares Estimates
hapSimGenerate Genotypic Data
ibsEstimate Jacquard condensed identity coefficients
kinshipCalculate kinship coefficients
lodciEstimate LOD Support Intervals
mAICMultiple QTL AIC
miscExGenotype data, phenotype data, genetic map and pedigree.
misFctA collection of other functions.
nullSimSimulate null distribution
pedRecodeRecode a Pedigree
qqplotQuantile-Quantile Plots
qtl2relConvert data from R/qtl to QTLRel format
qtlVarQTL Variance
rel2qtlConvert data from QTLRel to R/qtl format
remRandom effect matrices
scanOneGenome Scan for QTL
scanTwoGenome Scan for Epistasis
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