Man pages for RAHRS
Data Fusion Filters for Attitude Heading Reference System (AHRS) with Several Variants of the Kalman Filter and the Mahoney and Madgwick Filters

accl.coefsaccelerometer coefficients
ahrs.EKF.QUATERNIONEKF-based AHRS algorithm
ahrs.LKF.EULEREuler angles estimation with vector matching and Kalman...
ahrs.LKF.QUATERNIONLKF-based AHRS algorithm
ahrs.LKF.VMATCHQuaternion estimation with vector matching and Kalman filter
ahrs.UKF.QUATERNIONEstimate the current quaternion attitude by UKF-based AHRS...
anglesGyroLibTest recording and calibration recording data
ekf.calibration.indirectCalibration coefs by complementary EKF
MadgwickAHRSMadgwick's AHRS algorithm
MadgwickAHRSupdateMadgwick's AHRS update method
MadgwickAHRSupdateIMUMadgwick's IMU update method
MadgwickDataTest data for Sebastian Madgwick's IMU and AHRS sensor fusion...
MadgwickIMUMadgwick's IMU algorithm
magn.coefsmagnetometer coefficients
MahonyAHRSupdateMahony's AHRS update method
MahonyAHRSupdateIMUMahony's IMU update method
MahonykAHRSMahony's AHRS algorithm
MahonykIMUMahony's IMU algorithm
RAHRS-internalInternal RAHRS functions
svd.calibrationcalibration coefs by Merayo's technique
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