Man pages for REAT
Regional Economic Analysis Toolbox

AutomotiveAutomotive industry data
betaconv.nlsAnalysis of regional beta convergence using nonlinear...
betaconv.olsAnalysis of regional beta convergence using OLS regression
betaconv.speedRegional beta convergence: Convergence speed and half-life
concConcentration/inequality measures
converseBreaking point formula by Converse
curvefitCurve fitting
cvCoefficient of variation
dist.bufCounting points in a buffer
dist.calcEuclidean distance between coordinates
dist.matEuclidean distance matrix between points
EU28.empEurostat national employment data 2004-2016
FreiburgEmployment data in Freiburg and Germany
G.counties.gdpGross Domestic Product (GDP) per capita for German counties...
gifproCommercial area prognosis
gifpro.tbsTrend-based and location-specific commercial area prognosis
giniGini coefficient
gini.concGini coefficient of spatial industry concentration
gini.specGini coefficient of regional specialization
GoettingenEmployment data for Goettingen and Germany 2008-2017
G.regions.empEmployment data for German regions 2008-2014
growthGrowth rates
hansenHansen accessibility
herfHerfindahl-Hirschman coefficient
hooverHoover Concentration Index
huffHuff model
krugman.concKrugman coefficient of spatial industry concentration for two...
krugman.conc2Krugman coefficient of spatial industry concentration for...
krugman.specKrugman coefficient of regional specialization for two...
krugman.spec2Krugman coefficient of regional specialization for more than...
lm.betaBeta regression coefficients
locqLocation quotient
locq.growthPortfolio matrix for specialization and growth
lorenzLorenz curve
mean2Calculation of mean (extended)
mssdMean square successive difference
portfolioPortfolio matrix
rcaAnalysis of regional beta and sigma convergence
REAT-packageRegional Economic Analysis Toolbox
reillyLaw of retail gravitation by Reilly
sd2Standard deviation (extended)
shiftShift-share analysis
shiftdDynamic shift-share analysis
shift.growthGrowth rates for shift-share analysis
shiftiShift-share analysis for industries
shiftidDynamic shift-share analysis for industries
shiftpShift-share prognosis
sigmaconvAnalysis of regional sigma convergence for two years using...
sigmaconv.tAnalysis of regional sigma convergence for a time series...
theilTheil inequality index
to.dummyCreating dummy variables
var2Variance (extended)
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