RKEEL: Using Keel in R Code

KEEL is a popular Java software for a large number of different knowledge data discovery tasks. This package takes the advantages of KEEL and R, allowing to use KEEL algorithms in simple R code. The implemented R code layer between R and KEEL makes easy both using KEEL algorithms in R as implementing new algorithms for 'RKEEL' in a very simple way. It includes more than 100 algorithms for classification, regression, association rules and preprocess, which allows a more complete experimentation process. For more information about KEEL, see <http://www.keel.es/>.

Install the latest version of this package by entering the following in R:
AuthorJose M. Moyano [aut, cre], Luciano Sanchez Ramos [aut], Oliver Sanchez Marin [ctb]
Date of publication2017-02-02 11:44:48
MaintainerJose M. Moyano <jmoyano@uco.es>

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Man pages

ABB-IEP-FS: ABB_IEP_FS KEEL Preprocess Algorithm

AdaBoostNC-C: AdaBoostNC_C KEEL Classification Algorithm

Alatasetal_A: Alatasetal_A KEEL Association Rules Algorithm

Alcalaetal_A: Alcalaetal_A KEEL Association Rules Algorithm

AllKNN-TSS: AllKNN_TSS KEEL Preprocess Algorithm

AllPosible-MV: AllPosible_MV KEEL Preprocess Algorithm

ANR-F: ANR_F KEEL Preprocess Algorithm

Apriori_A: Apriori_A KEEL Association Rules Algorithm

ART-C: ART_C KEEL Classification Algorithm

AssociationRulesAlgorithm: Association Rules Algorithm

AssociativeClassificationAlgorithm: Associative Classification Algorithm

Bayesian-D: Bayesian_D KEEL Preprocess Algorithm

BNGE-C: BNGE_C KEEL Classification Algorithm

Bojarczuk_GP-C: Bojarczuk_GP_C KEEL Classification Algorithm

BSE-C: BSE_C KEEL Classification Algorithm

C45_Binarization-C: C45Binarization_C KEEL Classification Algorithm

C45-C: C45_C KEEL Classification Algorithm

C45Rules-C: C45Rules_C KEEL Classification Algorithm

CamNN-C: CamNN_C KEEL Classification Algorithm

CART-C: CART_C KEEL Classification Algorithm

CART-R: CART_R KEEL Regression Algorithm

CenterNN-C: CenterNN_C KEEL Classification Algorithm

CFAR-C: CFAR_C KEEL Classification Algorithm

CFKNN-C: CFKNN_C KEEL Classification Algorithm

CHC-C: CHC_C KEEL Classification Algorithm

ClassificationAlgorithm: Classification Algorithm

ClassificationResults: Classification Results

CleanAttributes-TR: CleanAttributes_TR KEEL Preprocess Algorithm

ClusterAnalysis-D: ClusterAnalysis_D KEEL Preprocess Algorithm

CNN-C: CNN_C KEEL Classification Algorithm

CPW-C: CPW_C KEEL Classification Algorithm

C_SVM-C: C_SVM_C KEEL Classification Algorithm

CW-C: CW_C KEEL Classification Algorithm

DecimalScaling-TR: DecimalScaling_TR KEEL Preprocess Algorithm

Decr-RBFN-C: DecrRBFN_C KEEL Classification Algorithm

Deeps-C: Deeps_C KEEL Classification Algorithm

DSM-C: DSM_C KEEL Classification Algorithm

DT_GA-C: DT_GA_C KEEL Classification Algorithm

EARMGA_A: EARMGA_A KEEL Association Rules Algorithm

Eclat_A: Eclat_A KEEL Association Rules Algorithm


Falco_GP-C: Falco_GP_C KEEL Classification Algorithm

FCRA-C: FCRA_C KEEL Classification Algorithm

FPgrowth_A: FPgrowth_A KEEL Association Rules Algorithm

FRNN-C: FRNN_C KEEL Classification Algorithm

FRSBM-R: FRSBM_R KEEL Regression Algorithm

FURIA-C: FURIA_C KEEL Classification Algorithm

FuzzyApriori_A: FuzzyApriori_A KEEL Association Rules Algorithm

FuzzyFARCHD-C: FuzzyFARCHD_C KEEL Classification Algorithm

FuzzyKNN-C: FuzzyKNN_C KEEL Classification Algorithm

FuzzyNPC-C: FuzzyNPC_C KEEL Classification Algorithm

GANN-C: GANN_C KEEL Classification Algorithm

GAR_A: GAR_A KEEL Association Rules Algorithm

GENAR_A: GENAR_A KEEL Association Rules Algorithm

GeneticFuzzyApriori_A: GeneticFuzzyApriori_A KEEL Association Rules Algorithm

GeneticFuzzyAprioriDC_A: GeneticFuzzyAprioriDC_A KEEL Association Rules Algorithm

getAttributeLinesFromDataframes: Get attribute lines from data.frames

GFS-AdaBoost-C: GFS_AdaBoost_C KEEL Classification Algorithm

GFS-GP-R: GFS_GP_R KEEL Regression Algorithm

GFS-GSP-R: GFS_GSP_R KEEL Regression Algorithm

GFS-LogitBoost-C: GFS_LogitBoost_C KEEL Classification Algorithm

GFS-RB-MF-R: GFS_RB_MF_R KEEL Regression Algorithm

hasContinuousData: Has Continuous Data

hasMissingValues: Has Missing Values

ID3-C: ID3_C KEEL Classification Algorithm

ID3-D: ID3_D KEEL Preprocess Algorithm

IF_KNN-C: IF_KNN_C KEEL Classification Algorithm

Ignore-MV: Ignore_MV KEEL Preprocess Algorithm

Incr-RBFN-C: IncrRBFN_C KEEL Classification Algorithm

isMultiClass: Is Multi-class

IterativePartitioningFilter-F: IterativePartitioningFilter_F KEEL Preprocess Algorithm

JFKNN-C: JFKNN_C KEEL Classification Algorithm

KeelAlgorithm: Keel Algorithm

Kernel-C: Kernel_C KEEL Classification Algorithm

KMeans-MV: KMeans_MV KEEL Preprocess Algorithm

KNN-C: KNN-C KEEL Classification Algorithm

KNN-MV: KNN_MV KEEL Preprocess Algorithm

KSNN-C: KSNN_C KEEL Classification Algorithm

KStar-C: KStar_C KEEL Classification Algorithm

LDA-C: LDA_C KEEL Classification Algorithm

LinearLMS-C: LinearLMS_C KEEL Classification Algorithm

LinearLMS-R: LinearLMS_R KEEL Regression Algorithm

loadKeelDataset: Load KEEL Dataset

Logistic-C: Logistic_C KEEL Classification Algorithm

LVF-IEP-FS: LVF_IEP_FS KEEL Preprocess Algorithm

M5-R: M5_R KEEL Regression Algorithm

M5Rules-R: M5Rules_R KEEL Regression Algorithm

MinMax-TR: MinMax_TR KEEL Preprocess Algorithm

MLP-BP-C: MLP_BP_C KEEL Classification Algorithm

MLP-BP-R: MLP_BP_R KEEL Regression Algorithm

ModelCS-TSS: ModelCS_TSS KEEL Preprocess Algorithm

MODENAR_A: MODENAR_A KEEL Association Rules Algorithm

MOEA_Ghosh_A: MOEA_Ghosh_A KEEL Association Rules Algorithm

MOPNAR_A: MOPNAR_A KEEL Association Rules Algorithm

MostCommon-MV: MostCommon_MV KEEL Preprocess Algorithm

NB-C: NB_C KEEL Classification Algorithm

NICGAR_A: NICGAR_A KEEL Association Rules Algorithm

NM-C: NM_C KEEL Classification Algorithm

NNEP-C: NNEP_C KEEL Classification Algorithm

Nominal2Binary-TR: Nominal2Binary_TR KEEL Preprocess Algorithm

NU_SVM-C: NU_SVM_C KEEL Classification Algorithm

NU_SVR-R: NU_SVR_R KEEL Regression Algorithm

PART-C: PART_C KEEL Classification Algorithm

PDFC-C: PDFC_C KEEL Classification Algorithm

PFKNN-C: PFKNN_C KEEL Classification Algorithm

PNN-C: PNN_C KEEL Classification Algorithm

PolQuadraticLMS-C: PolQuadraticLMS_C KEEL Classification Algorithm

PolQuadraticLMS-R: PolQuadraticLMS_R KEEL Regression Algorithm

POP-TSS: POP_TSS KEEL Preprocess Algorithm

PreprocessAlgorithm: Preprocess Algorithm

PRISM-C: PRISM_C KEEL Classification Algorithm

Proportional-D: Proportional_D KEEL Preprocess Algorithm

PSO_ACO-C: PSO_ACO_C KEEL Classification Algorithm

PSRCG-TSS: PSRCG_TSS KEEL Preprocess Algorithm

PUBLIC-C: PUBLIC_C KEEL Classification Algorithm

PW-C: PW_C KEEL Classification Algorithm

QAR_CIP_NSGAII_A: QAR_CIP_NSGAII_A KEEL Association Rules Algorithm

QDA-C: QDA_C KEEL Classification Algorithm

RBFN-C: RBFN_C KEEL Classification Algorithm

RBFN-R: RBFN_R KEEL Regression Algorithm

readKeel: Read keel dataset

RegressionAlgorithm: Regression Algorithm

RegressionResults: Regression Results

Relief-FS: Relief_FS KEEL Preprocess Algorithm

Ripper-C: Ripper_C KEEL Classification Algorithm

RISE-C: RISE_C KEEL Classification Algorithm

runCV: Run Cross-Validation

runParallel: Run Parallel

runSequential: Run Sequential

SaturationFilter-F: SaturationFilter_F KEEL Preprocess Algorithm

SFS-IEP-FS: SFS_IEP_FS KEEL Preprocess Algorithm

SGA-C: SGA_C KEEL Classification Algorithm

Shrink-C: Shrink_C KEEL Classification Algorithm

Slipper-C: Slipper_C KEEL Classification Algorithm

SMO-C: SMO_C KEEL Classification Algorithm

SSGA-Integer-knn-FS: SSGA_Integer_knn_FS KEEL Preprocess Algorithm

Tan_GP-C: Tan_GP_C KEEL Classification Algorithm

Thrift-R: Thrift_R KEEL Regression Algorithm

UniformFrequency-D: UniformFrequency_D KEEL Preprocess Algorithm

UniformWidth-D: UniformWidth_D KEEL Preprocess Algorithm

VWFuzzyKNN-C: VWFuzzyKNN_C KEEL Classification Algorithm

WM-R: WM_R KEEL Regression Algorithm

writeDatFromDataframe: Write .dat from data.frame

writeDatFromDataframes: Write .dat from data.frames

ZScore-TR: ZScore_TR KEEL Preprocess Algorithm


ABB_IEP_FS Man page
AdaBoostNC_C Man page
Alatasetal_A Man page
Alcalaetal_A Man page
AllKNN_TSS Man page
AllPosible_MV Man page
ANR_F Man page
Apriori_A Man page
ART_C Man page
AssociationRulesAlgorithm Man page
AssociativeClassificationAlgorithm Man page
Bayesian_D Man page
BNGE_C Man page
Bojarczuk_GP_C Man page
BSE_C Man page
C45Binarization_C Man page
C45_C Man page
C45Rules_C Man page
CamNN_C Man page
CART_C Man page
CART_R Man page
CenterNN_C Man page
CFAR_C Man page
CFKNN_C Man page
CHC_C Man page
ClassificationAlgorithm Man page
ClassificationResults Man page
CleanAttributes_TR Man page
ClusterAnalysis_D Man page
CNN_C Man page
CPW_C Man page
C_SVM_C Man page
CW_C Man page
DecimalScaling_TR Man page
DecrRBFN_C Man page
Deeps_C Man page
DSM_C Man page
DT_GA_C Man page
EARMGA_A Man page
Eclat_A Man page
Falco_GP_C Man page
FCRA_C Man page
FPgrowth_A Man page
FRNN_C Man page
FRSBM_R Man page
FURIA_C Man page
FuzzyApriori_A Man page
FuzzyFARCHD_C Man page
FuzzyKNN_C Man page
FuzzyNPC_C Man page
GANN_C Man page
GAR_A Man page
GENAR_A Man page
GeneticFuzzyApriori_A Man page
GeneticFuzzyAprioriDC_A Man page
getAttributeLinesFromDataframes Man page
GFS_AdaBoost_C Man page
GFS_GP_R Man page
GFS_GSP_R Man page
GFS_LogitBoost_C Man page
GFS_RB_MF_R Man page
hasContinuousData Man page
hasMissingValues Man page
ID3_C Man page
ID3_D Man page
IF_KNN_C Man page
Ignore_MV Man page
IncrRBFN_C Man page
isMultiClass Man page
IterativePartitioningFilter_F Man page
JFKNN_C Man page
KeelAlgorithm Man page
Kernel_C Man page
KMeans_MV Man page
KNN_C Man page
KNN_MV Man page
KSNN_C Man page
KStar_C Man page
LDA_C Man page
LinearLMS_C Man page
LinearLMS_R Man page
loadKeelDataset Man page
Logistic_C Man page
LVF_IEP_FS Man page
M5_R Man page
M5Rules_R Man page
MinMax_TR Man page
MLP_BP_C Man page
MLP_BP_R Man page
ModelCS_TSS Man page
MODENAR_A Man page
MOEA_Ghosh_A Man page
MOPNAR_A Man page
MostCommon_MV Man page
NB_C Man page
NICGAR_A Man page
NM_C Man page
NNEP_C Man page
Nominal2Binary_TR Man page
NU_SVM_C Man page
NU_SVR_R Man page
PART_C Man page
PDFC_C Man page
PFKNN_C Man page
PNN_C Man page
PolQuadraticLMS_C Man page
PolQuadraticLMS_R Man page
POP_TSS Man page
PreprocessAlgorithm Man page
PRISM_C Man page
Proportional_D Man page
PSO_ACO_C Man page
PSRCG_TSS Man page
PUBLIC_C Man page
PW_C Man page
QDA_C Man page
R6_ABB_IEP_FS Man page
R6_AdaBoostNC_C Man page
R6_Alatasetal_A Man page
R6_Alcalaetal_A Man page
R6_AllKNN_TSS Man page
R6_AllPosible_MV Man page
R6_ANR_F Man page
R6_Apriori_A Man page
R6_ART_C Man page
R6_Bayesian_D Man page
R6_BNGE_C Man page
R6_Bojarczuk_GP_C Man page
R6_BSE_C Man page
R6_C45Binarization_C Man page
R6_C45_C Man page
R6_C45Rules_C Man page
R6_CamNN_C Man page
R6_CART_C Man page
R6_CART_R Man page
R6_CenterNN_C Man page
R6_CFAR_C Man page
R6_CFKNN_C Man page
R6_CHC_C Man page
R6_CleanAttributes_TR Man page
R6_ClusterAnalysis_D Man page
R6_CNN_C Man page
R6_CPW_C Man page
R6_C_SVM_C Man page
R6_CW_C Man page
R6_DecimalScaling_TR Man page
R6_DecrRBFN_C Man page
R6_Deeps_C Man page
R6_DSM_C Man page
R6_DT_GA_C Man page
R6_EARMGA_A Man page
R6_Eclat_A Man page
R6_Falco_GP_C Man page
R6_FCRA_C Man page
R6_FPgrowth_A Man page
R6_FRNN_C Man page
R6_FRSBM_R Man page
R6_FURIA_C Man page
R6_FuzzyApriori_A Man page
R6_FuzzyFARCHD_C Man page
R6_FuzzyKNN_C Man page
R6_FuzzyNPC_C Man page
R6_GANN_C Man page
R6_GAR_A Man page
R6_GENAR_A Man page
R6_GeneticFuzzyApriori_A Man page
R6_GeneticFuzzyAprioriDC_A Man page
R6_GFS_AdaBoost_C Man page
R6_GFS_GP_R Man page
R6_GFS_GSP_R Man page
R6_GFS_LogitBoost_C Man page
R6_GFS_RB_MF_R Man page
R6_ID3_C Man page
R6_ID3_D Man page
R6_IF_KNN_C Man page
R6_Ignore_MV Man page
R6_IncrRBFN_C Man page
R6_IterativePartitioningFilter_F Man page
R6_JFKNN_C Man page
R6_Kernel_C Man page
R6_KMeans_MV Man page
R6_KNN_C Man page
R6_KNN_MV Man page
R6_KSNN_C Man page
R6_KStar_C Man page
R6_LDA_C Man page
R6_LinearLMS_C Man page
R6_LinearLMS_R Man page
R6_Logistic_C Man page
R6_LVF_IEP_FS Man page
R6_M5_R Man page
R6_M5Rules_R Man page
R6_MinMax_TR Man page
R6_MLP_BP_C Man page
R6_MLP_BP_R Man page
R6_ModelCS_TSS Man page
R6_MODENAR_A Man page
R6_MOEA_Ghosh_A Man page
R6_MOPNAR_A Man page
R6_MostCommon_MV Man page
R6_NB_C Man page
R6_NICGAR_A Man page
R6_NM_C Man page
R6_NNEP_C Man page
R6_Nominal2Binary_TR Man page
R6_NU_SVM_C Man page
R6_NU_SVR_R Man page
R6_PART_C Man page
R6_PDFC_C Man page
R6_PFKNN_C Man page
R6_PNN_C Man page
R6_PolQuadraticLMS_C Man page
R6_PolQuadraticLMS_R Man page
R6_POP_TSS Man page
R6_PRISM_C Man page
R6_Proportional_D Man page
R6_PSO_ACO_C Man page
R6_PSRCG_TSS Man page
R6_PUBLIC_C Man page
R6_PW_C Man page
R6_QDA_C Man page
R6_RBFN_C Man page
R6_RBFN_R Man page
R6_Relief_FS Man page
R6_Ripper_C Man page
R6_RISE_C Man page
R6_SaturationFilter_F Man page
R6_SFS_IEP_FS Man page
R6_SGA_C Man page
R6_Shrink_C Man page
R6_Slipper_C Man page
R6_SMO_C Man page
R6_SSGA_Integer_knn_FS Man page
R6_Tan_GP_C Man page
R6_Thrift_R Man page
R6_UniformFrequency_D Man page
R6_UniformWidth_D Man page
R6_VWFuzzyKNN_C Man page
R6_WM_R Man page
R6_ZScore_TR Man page
RBFN_C Man page
RBFN_R Man page
read.keel Man page
RegressionAlgorithm Man page
RegressionResults Man page
Relief_FS Man page
Ripper_C Man page
RISE_C Man page
runCV Man page
runParallel Man page
runSequential Man page
SaturationFilter_F Man page
SFS_IEP_FS Man page
SGA_C Man page
Shrink_C Man page
Slipper_C Man page
SMO_C Man page
SSGA_Integer_knn_FS Man page
Tan_GP_C Man page
Thrift_R Man page
UniformFrequency_D Man page
UniformWidth_D Man page
VWFuzzyKNN_C Man page
WM_R Man page
writeDatFromDataframe Man page
writeDatFromDataframes Man page
ZScore_TR Man page


R/Relief-FS.R R/Bayesian-D.R R/Eclat_A.R R/PSO_ACO-C.R R/LinearLMS-C.R R/MOEA_Ghosh_A.R R/KNN-C.R R/FRSBM-R.R R/MLP-BP-C.R R/Alatasetal_A.R R/AssociationRulesAlgorithm.R R/GANN-C.R R/FuzzyApriori_A.R R/POP-TSS.R R/RBFN-R.R R/NU_SVM-C.R R/PNN-C.R R/FCRA-C.R R/NICGAR_A.R R/Ignore-MV.R R/UniformFrequency-D.R R/SMO-C.R R/PolQuadraticLMS-C.R R/IterativePartitioningFilter-F.R R/KeelAlgorithm.R R/LinearLMS-R.R R/VWFuzzyKNN-C.R R/KSNN-C.R R/FuzzyNPC-C.R R/PW-C.R R/MLP-BP-R.R R/SFS-IEP-FS.R R/FuzzyKNN-C.R R/LVF-IEP-FS.R R/ID3-D.R R/AllPosible-MV.R R/Slipper-C.R R/C45-C.R R/FURIA-C.R R/ModelCS-TSS.R R/GeneticFuzzyAprioriDC_A.R R/RBFN-C.R R/C45_Binarization-C.R R/Deeps-C.R R/GFS-AdaBoost-C.R R/DT_GA-C.R R/IF_KNN-C.R R/MOPNAR_A.R R/RegressionAlgorithm.R R/M5Rules-R.R R/GENAR_A.R R/GFS-RB-MF-R.R R/MODENAR_A.R R/KeelUtils.R R/SaturationFilter-F.R R/WM-R.R R/AdaBoostNC-C.R R/AssociativeClassificationAlgorithm.R R/KStar-C.R R/ANR-F.R R/Falco_GP-C.R R/NU_SVR-R.R R/AllKNN-TSS.R R/ID3-C.R R/PRISM-C.R R/GAR_A.R R/PUBLIC-C.R R/ClassificationResults.R R/PolQuadraticLMS-R.R R/CleanAttributes-TR.R R/Alcalaetal_A.R R/Proportional-D.R R/ClassificationAlgorithm.R R/Nominal2Binary-TR.R R/M5-R.R R/PART-C.R R/BNGE-C.R R/Logistic-C.R R/Thrift-R.R R/Bojarczuk_GP-C.R R/QAR_CIP_NSGAII_A.R R/C_SVM-C.R R/Kernel-C.R R/MinMax-TR.R R/CHC-C.R R/Ripper-C.R R/CNN-C.R R/FPgrowth_A.R R/RegressionResults.R R/GFS-GP-R.R R/ABB-IEP-FS.R R/EPSILON_SVR-R.R R/GFS-LogitBoost-C.R R/CART-R.R R/ClusterAnalysis-D.R R/CamNN-C.R R/GeneticFuzzyApriori_A.R R/EARMGA_A.R R/BSE-C.R R/PreprocessAlgorithm.R R/CPW-C.R R/CW-C.R R/PFKNN-C.R R/PSRCG-TSS.R R/C45Rules-C.R R/FuzzyFARCHD-C.R R/CFKNN-C.R R/NM-C.R R/PDFC-C.R R/KMeans-MV.R R/GFS-GSP-R.R R/Incr-RBFN-C.R R/Tan_GP-C.R R/DSM-C.R R/UniformWidth-D.R R/NNEP-C.R R/FRNN-C.R R/Decr-RBFN-C.R R/LDA-C.R R/MostCommon-MV.R R/CART-C.R R/SSGA-Integer-knn-FS.R R/NB-C.R R/CFAR-C.R R/ZScore-TR.R R/ART-C.R R/KNN-MV.R R/DecimalScaling-TR.R R/RISE-C.R R/JFKNN-C.R R/QDA-C.R R/SGA-C.R R/CenterNN-C.R R/Apriori_A.R R/Shrink-C.R
man/FRNN-C.Rd man/Shrink-C.Rd man/Kernel-C.Rd man/Proportional-D.Rd man/RBFN-R.Rd man/Falco_GP-C.Rd man/NB-C.Rd man/PART-C.Rd man/FuzzyNPC-C.Rd man/MinMax-TR.Rd man/MODENAR_A.Rd man/IF_KNN-C.Rd man/NU_SVR-R.Rd man/GFS-GSP-R.Rd man/GFS-AdaBoost-C.Rd man/GFS-LogitBoost-C.Rd man/M5-R.Rd man/readKeel.Rd man/Slipper-C.Rd man/PreprocessAlgorithm.Rd man/PUBLIC-C.Rd man/NICGAR_A.Rd man/Alcalaetal_A.Rd man/Ripper-C.Rd man/GFS-GP-R.Rd man/RegressionResults.Rd man/loadKeelDataset.Rd man/DecimalScaling-TR.Rd man/SFS-IEP-FS.Rd man/ID3-C.Rd man/POP-TSS.Rd man/runParallel.Rd man/AdaBoostNC-C.Rd man/M5Rules-R.Rd man/GANN-C.Rd man/CenterNN-C.Rd man/ClassificationResults.Rd man/SSGA-Integer-knn-FS.Rd man/PolQuadraticLMS-C.Rd man/Bojarczuk_GP-C.Rd man/Logistic-C.Rd man/runSequential.Rd man/NU_SVM-C.Rd man/ID3-D.Rd man/Bayesian-D.Rd man/CNN-C.Rd man/ModelCS-TSS.Rd man/getAttributeLinesFromDataframes.Rd man/ClusterAnalysis-D.Rd man/Eclat_A.Rd man/BNGE-C.Rd man/AssociationRulesAlgorithm.Rd man/Nominal2Binary-TR.Rd man/FCRA-C.Rd man/IterativePartitioningFilter-F.Rd man/LDA-C.Rd man/C45-C.Rd man/GAR_A.Rd man/SaturationFilter-F.Rd man/hasContinuousData.Rd man/KSNN-C.Rd man/CFKNN-C.Rd man/RBFN-C.Rd man/Thrift-R.Rd man/CW-C.Rd man/EPSILON_SVR-R.Rd man/Apriori_A.Rd man/isMultiClass.Rd man/QAR_CIP_NSGAII_A.Rd man/UniformWidth-D.Rd man/hasMissingValues.Rd man/Ignore-MV.Rd man/DSM-C.Rd man/WM-R.Rd man/runCV.Rd man/CART-C.Rd man/LinearLMS-R.Rd man/CFAR-C.Rd man/KeelAlgorithm.Rd man/SGA-C.Rd man/UniformFrequency-D.Rd man/KStar-C.Rd man/DT_GA-C.Rd man/ART-C.Rd man/CART-R.Rd man/KMeans-MV.Rd man/CHC-C.Rd man/MostCommon-MV.Rd man/PSRCG-TSS.Rd man/C45Rules-C.Rd man/BSE-C.Rd man/Decr-RBFN-C.Rd man/PNN-C.Rd man/MOPNAR_A.Rd man/GFS-RB-MF-R.Rd man/writeDatFromDataframes.Rd man/AllPosible-MV.Rd man/ZScore-TR.Rd man/VWFuzzyKNN-C.Rd man/Alatasetal_A.Rd man/LinearLMS-C.Rd man/GeneticFuzzyAprioriDC_A.Rd man/Relief-FS.Rd man/NNEP-C.Rd man/KNN-MV.Rd man/EARMGA_A.Rd man/QDA-C.Rd man/FuzzyFARCHD-C.Rd man/PW-C.Rd man/GENAR_A.Rd man/AllKNN-TSS.Rd man/PolQuadraticLMS-R.Rd man/C45_Binarization-C.Rd man/CleanAttributes-TR.Rd man/CamNN-C.Rd man/PDFC-C.Rd man/FuzzyApriori_A.Rd man/PFKNN-C.Rd man/CPW-C.Rd man/C_SVM-C.Rd man/ClassificationAlgorithm.Rd man/RegressionAlgorithm.Rd man/PSO_ACO-C.Rd man/Incr-RBFN-C.Rd man/LVF-IEP-FS.Rd man/writeDatFromDataframe.Rd man/FURIA-C.Rd man/FRSBM-R.Rd man/MLP-BP-C.Rd man/ANR-F.Rd man/SMO-C.Rd man/AssociativeClassificationAlgorithm.Rd man/KNN-C.Rd man/NM-C.Rd man/GeneticFuzzyApriori_A.Rd man/JFKNN-C.Rd man/ABB-IEP-FS.Rd man/Deeps-C.Rd man/FuzzyKNN-C.Rd man/MLP-BP-R.Rd man/RISE-C.Rd man/Tan_GP-C.Rd man/FPgrowth_A.Rd man/MOEA_Ghosh_A.Rd man/PRISM-C.Rd

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