RandomFields: Simulation and Analysis of Random Fields

Methods for the inference on and the simulation of Gaussian fields are provided, as well as methods for the simulation of extreme value random fields.

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AuthorMartin Schlather [aut, cre], Alexander Malinowski [aut], Marco Oesting [aut], Daphne Boecker [aut], Kirstin Strokorb [aut], Sebastian Engelke [aut], Johannes Martini [aut], Felix Ballani [aut], Olga Moreva [aut], Jonas Auel[ctr], Peter Menck [ctr], Sebastian Gross [ctr], Ulrike Ober [ctb], Christoph Berreth [ctr], Katharina Burmeister [ctb], Juliane Manitz [ctb], Paulo Ribeiro [ctb], Richard Singleton [ctb], Ben Pfaff [ctb], R Core Team [ctb]
Date of publication2017-04-17 23:09:51 UTC
MaintainerMartin Schlather <schlather@math.uni-mannheim.de>
LicenseGPL (>= 3)

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Man pages

Bayesian: Bayesian Spatial Modelling

BRspecific: Simulation methods for Brown-Resnick processes

Changings: Documentation of some further changings

conventional2RFspDataFrame: Coercion to class 'RFsp' objects

CoordinateSystems: Coordinate systems

fitgauss: Details on fitting Gaussian random fields, including Box-Cox...

GaussianFields: Methods for Gaussian Random Fields

internal: Internal functions

MajorRevisions: Documentation of major changings

obsolete: Obsolete functions

papers: Papers involving 'RandomFields' and co-authored by M....

papers.GSPSJ06: Fast and Exact Simulation of Large Gaussian Lattice Systems...

papers.jss14: Covariance models for multivariate and vector valued fields

papers.S02: Models for stationary max-stable random fields

papers.S10: On some covariance models based on normal scale mixtures

papers.SBS14: Systematic co-occurrence of tail correlation functions among...

papers.SS11: Covariance Models for Random Vector Fields

plot-method: Methods for function 'plot' in package 'RandomFields'

PrintModelList: Information about the implemented covariance models

QMath: Transformation of coordinate systems

RandomFields: Simulation and Analysis of Random Fields

RC: Constants used in RandomFields (RC constants)

RF: Evaluation operators (RF commands)

RFboxcox: Linear part of 'RMmodel'

RFcov: Evaluate Covariance and Variogram Functions

RFcrossvalidate: Fitting model parameters to spatial data (regionalised...

RFdistr: Evaluating distribution families

RFempiricalcovariance: Empirical (Cross-)Covariance function

RFempiricalmadogram: Empirical (Cross-)Madogram

RFempiricalvariogram: Empirical (Cross-)Variogram

RFempVariog-class: Class 'RFempVariog'

RFfit: Fitting model parameters to spatial data (regionalised...

RFfit-class: Class 'RFfit'

RFfitOptimiser: Optimisers for fitting model parameters to spatial data

RFformula: RFformula - syntax to design random field models with trend...

RFfractaldim: RFfractaldimension

RFgetMethodNames: Simulation Techniques

RFgetModel: Internally stored model

RFgetModelInfo: Information on RMmodels

RFgetModelNames: Names of implemented covariance and variogram models

RFgridDataFrame-class: Class 'RFgridDataFrame'

RFgui: Graphical User Interface For Fitting Covariance Models And...

RFhurst: Hurst coefficient

RFinterpolate: Interpolation methods

RFlinearpart: Linear part of 'RMmodel'

RFloglikelihood: Likelihood and estimation of linear models

RFoldstyle: RFoldstyle

RFoptions: Setting control arguments

RFoptionsAdvanced: Setting control arguments of 'RandomFields' - advanced...

RFpar: Graphical parameters for plots

RFpointsDataFrame-class: Class 'RFpointsDataFrame'

RFratiotest: Likelihood ratio test

RFsimulate: Simulation of Random Fields

RFsimulateAdvanced: Simulation of Random Fields - Advanced

RFsimulate.more.examples: Further Examples for the Simulation of Random Fields

RFsimulate.sophisticated.examples: Sophisticated Examples for the Simulation of Random Fields

RFspatialGridDataFrame-class: Class "RFspatialGridDataFrame"

RFspatialPointsDataFrame-class: Class "RFspatialPointsDataFrame"

RFsp-class: Class 'RFsp'

RM: Overview over classes of 'RMmodels'

RMangle: Anisotropy matrix given by angle

RMaskey: Askey model

RMave: Space-time moving average model

RMball: RMball

RMbcw: Model bridging stationary and intrinsically stationary...

RMbernoulli: Covariance Model for binary field based on a Gaussian field

RMbessel: Bessel Family Covariance Model

RMbicauchy: Bivariate Cauchy Model

RMbigneiting: Gneiting-Wendland Covariance Models

RMbistable: Bivariate stableModel

RMbiwm: Full Bivariate Whittle Matern Model

RMbr2: Transformation from Brown-Resnick to Gauss

RMbr2bg: Transformation from Brown-Resnick to Bernoulli

RMbrownresnick: Tail correlation function of the Brown-Resnick process

RMcauchy: Cauchy Family Covariance Model

RMcauchytbm: Modifications of the Cauchy Family Covariance Model

RMchoquet: Schoenberg's representation for the classes psi_d and...

RMcircular: Circular Covariance Model

RMconstant: Covariance Matrix Constant in Space

RMcoord: Coordinates in the mixed model representation

RMcovariate: Model for covariates

RMcoxisham: Cox Isham Covariance Model

RMcubic: Cubic Covariance Model

RMcurlfree: Curlfree Covariance Model

RMcutoff: Gneiting's modification towards finite range

RMdagum: Dagum Covariance Model Family

RMdampedcos: Exponentially Damped Cosine

RMdelay: Bivariate Delay Effect

RMdewijsian: Modified DeWijsian Variogram Model

RMdivfree: Divfree Covariance Model

RMeaxxa: Special models for rotation like fields

RMepscauchy: Generalized Cauchy Family Covariance Model

RMexp: Exponential Covariance Model

RMexponential: Exponential operator

RMfbm: Variogram Model of Fractal Brownian Motion

RMfix: Fixed Covariance Matrix

RMfixed: Fixed Effect Model

RMfractdiff: Fractionally Differenced Process Model

RMfractgauss: Fractal Gaussian Model Family

RMgauss: Gaussian Covariance Model

RMgencauchy: Generalized Cauchy Family Covariance Model

RMgenfbm: Generalized Fractal Brownian Motion Variogram Model

RMgengneiting: Gneiting-Wendland Covariance Models

RMgennsst: Non-Separable Space-Time model

RMgneiting: Gneiting Covariance Model

RMgneitingdiff: Gneiting Covariance Model Used as Tapering Function

RMhyperbolic: Generalized Hyperbolic Covariance Model

RMiaco: Iaco-Cesare model

RMid: Identical Model

RMintern: Internal models

RMintexp: Integral exponential operator

RMintrinsic: Intrinsic Embedding Covariance Model

RMkolmogorov: Identical Model

RMlgd: Local-Global Distinguisher Family Covariance Model

RMlsfbm: Locally Positive Definite Function Given by the Fractal...

RMma: Ma operator

RMmastein: Ma-Stein operator

RMmatern: Whittle-Matern Covariance Model

RMmatrix: Matrix operator

RMmodel: Covariance and Variogram Models in 'RandomFields' (RM...

RMmodel-class: Class 'RMmodel'

RMmodelExt-class: Class "RMmodelFit"

RMmodelgenerator-class: Class 'RMmodelgenerator'

RMmodelsAdvanced: Advanced features of the mdoels

RMmodelsAuxiliary: Auxiliary and other Models

RMmodelsMultivariate: Multivariate models

RMmodelsNonstatationary: Nonstationary features of the mdoels

RMmodelsSpaceTime: Space-time Covariance Models

RMmodelsSphere: Covariance models valid on a sphere

RMmodelsTailcorrelation: Covariance models valid for max-stable random fields

RMmodelsTrend: Trend Modelling

RMmppplus: Mixture of shape functions

RMmqam: multivariate quasi-arithmetic mean

RMmult: Multiplication of Random Field Models

RMmultiquad: The Multiquadric Family Covariance Model on th Sphere

RMnatsc: Natural scale

RMnonstwm: RMnonstwm

RMnsst: Non-Separable Space-Time model

RMnugget: Nugget Effect Covariance Model

RMoesting: Variogram Model Similar to Fractal Brownian Motion

RMparswm: Parsimonious Multivariate Whittle Matern Model

RMpenta: Penta Covariance Model

RMplus: Addition of Random Field Models

RMpoissonpoly: RMpolygon

RMpolynome: Creating poylonmial models

RMpower: Power operator for Variograms and Covariance functions

RMprod: Plain scalar product

RMqam: Quasi-arithmetic mean

RMqexp: Variant of the exponential model

RMrational: Rational function

RMrotat: Rotation matrices

RMS: Scaling operator

RMschlather: Covariance Model for binary field based on Gaussian field

RMschur: Schur product

RMsign: Random sign

RMsinepower: The Sinepower Covariance Model on the Sphere

RMspheric: The Spherical Covariance Model

RMstable: Stable Family / Powered Exponential Model

RMstein: Stein nonseparable space-time model

RMstp: Single temporal process

RMstrokorb: Tail correlation function of the Brown-Resnick process

RMsum: Plain scalar product

RMtbm: Turning Bands Method

RMtrafo: Transformation of coordinate systems

RMtrend: Trend Model

RMtruncsupport: Random sign

RMuser: User Defined Function

RMvector: Vector Covariance Model

RMwave: Wave Covariance Model / Cardinal Sine

RP: Models for classes of random fields (RP commands)

RPbernoulli: Simulation of Binary Random Fields

RPbrownresnick: Brown-Resnick process

RPchi2: Simulation of a Chi2 Random Fields

RPcirculant: Circulant Embedding methods

RPcoin: Random coin method

RPgauss: Simulation of Gaussian Random Fields

RPhyperplane: Hyperplane method

RPmaxstable: Simulation of Max-Stable Random Fields

RPmaxstableAdvanced: Simulation examples of advanced Max-Stable Random Fields

RPnugget: Method to simulate the Nugget effect

RPopitz: Extremal t process

RPpoisson: Simulation of Random Fields

RPschlather: Extremal Gaussian process

RPsequential: Methods relying on square roots of the covariance matrix

RPsmith: (Mixed) Moving Maxima

RPspecific: Methods that are specific to certain covariance models

RPspectral: Spectral turning bands method

RPt: Simulation of a T Random Fields

RPtbm: Turning Bands method

RR: Distribution families (RR commands)

RRdeterm: Random scaling used with balls

RRdistr: RRdistr

RRgauss: Random scaling used with balls

RRloc: Random scaling used with balls

RRmcmc: RRmcmc

RRrectangular: Random scaling used with balls

RRspherical: Random scaling used with balls

RRunif: Random scaling used with balls

soil: Soil data of North Bavaria, Germany

sp2RF: Transformation of an 'sp' object to an 'RFsp' object

weather: Pressure and temperature forecast errors over the Pacific...


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/ Man page
* Man page
* Man page
+ Man page
+ Man page
++ Man page
abs Man page
acosh Man page
Advanced RMmodels Man page
AIC Man page
AICc Man page
AICc.RFfit Man page
AICc.RF_fit Man page
AIC.RF_fit Man page
AIC,RFfit-method Man page
anova.RF_fit Man page
anova,RFfit-method Man page
anova.RM_modelFit Man page
anova,RMmodelFit-method Man page
as.array.RFgridDataFrame Man page
as.array.RFpointsDataFrame Man page
as.array.RFspatialGridDataFrame Man page
as.array.RFspatialPointsDataFrame Man page
as.data.frame.RFgridDataFrame Man page
as.data.frame.RFgridDataFrame Man page
as.data.frame.RFpointsDataFrame Man page
as.data.frame.RFspatialGridDataFrame Man page
as.data.frame.RFspatialPointsDataFrame Man page
asin Man page
asinh Man page
as.matrix.RFgridDataFrame Man page
as.matrix.RFpointsDataFrame Man page
as.matrix.RFspatialGridDataFrame Man page
as.matrix.RFspatialPointsDataFrame Man page
as.vector.RFgridDataFrame Man page
as.vector.RFpointsDataFrame Man page
as.vector.RFspatialGridDataFrame Man page
as.vector.RFspatialPointsDataFrame Man page
atan Man page
atan2 Man page
atanh Man page
AuxiliaryModels Man page
Auxiliary Models Man page
Auxiliary RMmodels Man page
Average Man page
bayesian Man page
Bayesian Man page
Bayesian Modelling Man page
BIC.RF_fit Man page
BIC,RFfit-method Man page
BRmethods Man page
Brown-Resnick Man page
Brown-Resnick process Man page
c Man page
cbind.RFgridDataFrame Man page
cbind.RFpointsDataFrame Man page
cbind.RFspatialGridDataFrame Man page
cbind.RFspatialPointsDataFrame Man page
changings Man page
Changings Man page
checkExamples Man page
Choquet's representation Man page
Circulant Man page
coerce,RFempVariog,list-method Man page
coerce,RFfit,RFempVariog-method Man page
coerce,RFgridDataFrame,RFpointsDataFrame,ANY-method Man page
coerce,RFgridDataFrame,RFpointsDataFrame-method Man page
coerce,RFpointsDataFrame,RFgridDataFrame,ANY-method Man page
coerce,RFpointsDataFrame,RFgridDataFrame-method Man page
coerce,RFspatialGridDataFrame,data.frame-method Man page
coerce,RFspatialGridDataFrame,RFspatialPointsDataFrame,ANY-metho Man page
coerce,RFspatialGridDataFrame,RFspatialPointsDataFrame-method Man page
coerce,RFspatialPointsDataFrame,data.frame-method Man page
coerce,RFspatialPointsDataFrame,RFspatialGridDataFrame,ANY-metho Man page
coerce,RFspatialPointsDataFrame,RFspatialGridDataFrame-method Man page
coerce,SpatialGridDataFrame,RFspatialGridDataFrame-method Man page
coerce,SpatialPointsDataFrame,RFspatialPointsDataFrame-method Man page
coerce,SpatialPointsDataFrame,RFspatialPointsDataFrame-method Man page
Coins Man page
CondSimu Man page
constants Man page
contour.RFempVariog Man page
contour.RFfit Man page
contour.RFspatialGridDataFrame Man page
conventional2RFspDataFrame Man page
coordinates Man page
coordinates,RFspatialGridDataFrame-method Man page
coordinate system Man page
coordinate systems Man page
coord_units Man page
coregionalisation Man page
coregionalization Man page
cos Man page
cosh Man page
Covariance Man page
CovarianceFct Man page
CovMatrix Man page
c,RMmodel-method Man page
Cutoff Man page
DeleteAllRegisters Man page
DeleteRegister Man page
Dependencies Man page
dimensions,RFdataFrame-method Man page
dimensions,RFgridDataFrame-method Man page
dimensions,RFpointsDataFrame-method Man page
dimensions,RFspatialDataFrame-method Man page
dimensions,RFspatialGridDataFrame-method Man page
dimensions,RFspatialPointsDataFrame-method Man page
dimensions,RFsp-method Man page
Direct Man page
DoSimulateRF Man page
earth models Man page
Earth models Man page
EmpiricalVariogram Man page
error function model Man page
exp Man page
expm1 Man page
extremal Gaussian Man page
extremal Gaussian process Man page
extremal t Man page
extremal t process Man page
FinalizeExample Man page
fitgauss Man page
fitvario Man page
floor Man page
fractal.dim Man page
gamma Man page
Gaussian Man page
GaussRF Man page
GetModel Man page
GetModel Man page
GetModelInfo Man page
GetModelInfo Man page
GetModelList Man page
GetModelNames Man page
GKS11 Man page
GridTopology2gridVectors,GridTopology-method Man page
GridTopology2gridVectors,matrix-method Man page
GSPSJ06 Man page
Hierarchical Man page
Hierarchical Modelling Man page
hist.RFgridDataFrame Man page
hist.RFpointsDataFrame Man page
hist.RFspatialGridDataFrame Man page
hist.RFspatialPointsDataFrame Man page
hurst Man page
Hurst Man page
Hyperplane Man page
Hyperplanes Man page
image,RMmodel-method Man page
information Man page
InitGaussRF Man page
InitMaxStableRF Man page
InitSimulateRF Man page
Intrinsic Man page
Inverse multiquadric Man page
isGridded Man page
isGridded,RFgridDataFrame-method Man page
isGridded,RFpointsDataFrame-method Man page
isGridded,RFspatialGridDataFrame-method Man page
isGridded,RFspatialPointsDataFrame-method Man page
isGridded,RFsp-method Man page
jss14 Man page
kriging Man page
Kriging Man page
lgamma Man page
lines.RMmodel Man page
lines,RMmodel-method Man page
log Man page
log1p Man page
log2 Man page
logb Man page
^,logical,RMmodel-method Man page
-,logical,RMmodel-method Man page
/,logical,RMmodel-method Man page
*,logical,RMmodel-method Man page
+,logical,RMmodel-method Man page
logLik Man page
logLik.RFfit Man page
logLik.RF_fit Man page
long memory dependence Man page
M2 Man page
M3 Man page
MajorRevisions Man page
math.c Man page
max Man page
maxstable Man page
Maxstable Man page
maxstableAdvanced Man page
MaxStableRF Man page
min Man page
mixed moving maxima Man page
mleRF Man page
mleRF Man page
moving maxima Man page
multiquadric family Man page
Multivariate RMmodels Man page
new_coord_units Man page
non-stationary Man page
non-stationary RMmodels Man page
Nonstationary RMmodels Man page
Nugget Man page
^,numeric,RMmodel-method Man page
-,numeric,RMmodel-method Man page
/,numeric,RMmodel-method Man page
*,numeric,RMmodel-method Man page
+,numeric,RMmodel-method Man page
Other models Man page
papers Man page
Papers Man page
Papers Man page
Papers Man page
Papers Man page
pars Man page
pars.model Man page
persp,RFempVariog-method Man page
persp,RFfit-method Man page
persp,RFspatialGridDataFrame-method Man page
persp,RMmodel-method Man page
plot-method Man page
plot,RFempVariog,missing-method Man page
plot,RFfit-method Man page
plot,RFfit,missing-method Man page
plot,RFgridDataFrame,data.frame-method Man page
plot,RFgridDataFrame,matrix-method Man page
plot,RFgridDataFrame,missing-method Man page
plot,RFgridDataFrame,RFgridDataFrame-method Man page
plot,RFgridDataFrame,RFpointsDataFrame-method Man page
plot,RFpointsDataFrame,data.frame-method Man page
plot,RFpointsDataFrame,matrix-method Man page
plot,RFpointsDataFrame,missing-method Man page
plot,RFpointsDataFrame,RFgridDataFrame-method Man page
plot,RFpointsDataFrame,RFpointsDataFrame-method Man page
plot,RFspatialGridDataFrame,data.frame-method Man page
plot,RFspatialGridDataFrame,matrix-method Man page
plot,RFspatialGridDataFrame,missing-method Man page
plot,RFspatialGridDataFrame,RFspatialGridDataFrame-method Man page
plot,RFspatialGridDataFrame,RFspatialPointsDataFrame-method Man page
plot,RFspatialPointsDataFrame,data.frame-method Man page
plot,RFspatialPointsDataFrame,matrix-method Man page
plot,RFspatialPointsDataFrame,missing-method Man page
plot,RFspatialPointsDataFrame,RFspatialGridDataFrame-method Man page
plot,RFspatialPointsDataFrame,RFspatialPointsDataFrame-method Man page
plot,RMmodel,missing-method Man page
plotWithCircles Man page
points.RMmodel Man page
points,RMmodel-method Man page
Poisson spline Man page
powered error function Man page
powered exponential Man page
print.crossvalidate Man page
PrintModelList Man page
PrintModelList Man page
print.RF_empVariog Man page
print,RFempVariog-method Man page
print.RFfit Man page
print.RF_fit Man page
print,RFfit-method Man page
print.RFgridDataFrame Man page
print.RFpointsDataFrame Man page
print.RFratiotest Man page
print.RFspatialGridDataFrame Man page
print.RFspatialPointsDataFrame Man page
print.RMmodel Man page
print.RMmodelFit Man page
print.RM_modelFit Man page
print,RMmodelFit-method Man page
print.RMmodelgenerator Man page
print.summary.crossvalidate Man page
R. Man page
R.acos Man page
R.acosh Man page
RandomFields Man page
RandomFields-package Man page
range.RFgridDataFrame Man page
range.RFpointsDataFrame Man page
range.RFspatialGridDataFrame Man page
range.RFspatialPointsDataFrame Man page
R.asin Man page
R.asinh Man page
R.atan Man page
R.atan2 Man page
R.atanh Man page
R.c Man page
RC Man page
R.cbrt Man page
R.ceil Man page
R.const Man page
R.copysign Man page
R.cos Man page
R.cosh Man page
R.div Man page
R.erf Man page
R.erfc Man page
residuals,RFfit-method Man page
R.exp Man page
R.exp2 Man page
R.expm1 Man page
RF Man page
R.fabs Man page
RFboxcox Man page
RFcalc Man page
RFcov Man page
RFcovmatrix Man page
RFcrossvalidate Man page
RFcrossvalidate.default Man page
RFdataFrame Man page
RFdataFrame Man page
RFdataFrame-class Man page
RFddistr Man page
R.fdim Man page
RFdistr Man page
RFearth2cartesian Man page
RFearth2dist Man page
RFempiricalcovariance Man page
RFempiricalmadogram Man page
RFempiricalvariogram Man page
RFempVariog-class Man page
RFfctn Man page
RFfit Man page
.RFfit Man page
.RF_fit Man page
[,RFfit,ANY,ANY,ANY-method Man page
[,RFfit,ANY,ANY-method Man page
RF_fit-class Man page
RFfit-class Man page
RFfit.default Man page
[,RFfit-method Man page
RFfitoptimiser Man page
RFfitOptimiser Man page
RFformula Man page
RFfractaldim Man page
RFfunction Man page
RFfunctions Man page
rfGenerateConstants Man page
rfGenerateMaths Man page
rfGenerateModels Man page
rfGenerateTest Man page
RFgetMethodNames Man page
RFgetModel Man page
RFgetModelInfo Man page
RFgetModelInfo_model Man page
RFgetModelInfo_register Man page
RFgetModelNames Man page
RFgridDataFrame Man page
[<-,RFgridDataFrame,ANY,ANY,ANY-method Man page
[,RFgridDataFrame,ANY,ANY,ANY-method Man page
[,RFgridDataFrame,ANY,ANY-method Man page
RFgridDataFrame-class Man page
[<-,RFgridDataFrame-method Man page
[,RFgridDataFrame-method Man page
RFgui Man page
RFhessian Man page
RFhurst Man page
RFinterpolate Man page
RFlikelihood Man page
RFlinearpart Man page
RFloglikelihood Man page
R.floor Man page
R.fmax Man page
R.fmin Man page
R.fmod Man page
RFmodel Man page
RFmodels Man page
RFoldstyle Man page
RFoptions Man page
RFoptionsAdvanced Man page
RFpar Man page
RFparameters Man page
RFpdistr Man page
RFplotEmpVariogram Man page
RFplotModel Man page
RFplotSimulation Man page
RFplotSimulation1D Man page
RFpointsDataFrame Man page
[<-,RFpointsDataFrame,ANY,ANY,ANY-method Man page
[,RFpointsDataFrame,ANY,ANY,ANY-method Man page
[,RFpointsDataFrame,ANY,ANY-method Man page
RFpointsDataFrame-class Man page
[<-,RFpointsDataFrame-method Man page
[,RFpointsDataFrame-method Man page
RFpseudovariogram Man page
RFqdistr Man page
RFratiotest Man page
RFrdistr Man page
RFsimulate Man page
RFsimulateAdvanced Man page
RFsimulate.more.examples Man page
RFsimulate.sophisticated.examples Man page
[<-,RFsp,ANY,ANY,ANY-method Man page
[,RFsp,ANY,ANY,ANY-method Man page
[<-,RFsp,ANY,ANY-method Man page
[,RFsp,ANY,ANY-method Man page
RFspatialDataFrame Man page
RFspatialDataFrame Man page
RFspatialDataFrame-class Man page
RFspatialGridDataFrame Man page
[<-,RFspatialGridDataFrame,ANY,ANY,ANY-method Man page
[,RFspatialGridDataFrame,ANY,ANY,ANY-method Man page
[,RFspatialGridDataFrame,ANY,ANY-method Man page
RFspatialGridDataFrame-class Man page
[<-,RFspatialGridDataFrame-method Man page
[,RFspatialGridDataFrame-method Man page
RFspatialPointsDataFrame Man page
[<-,RFspatialPointsDataFrame,ANY,ANY,ANY-method Man page
[,RFspatialPointsDataFrame,ANY,ANY,ANY-method Man page
[,RFspatialPointsDataFrame,ANY,ANY-method Man page
RFspatialPointsDataFrame-class Man page
[<-,RFspatialPointsDataFrame-method Man page
[,RFspatialPointsDataFrame-method Man page
RFsp-class Man page
RFspDataFrame2conventional Man page
RFspDataFrame2conventional,RFgridDataFrame-method Man page
RFspDataFrame2conventional,RFpointsDataFrame-method Man page
RFspDataFrame2conventional,RFspatialGridDataFrame-method Man page
RFspDataFrame2conventional,RFspatialPointsDataFrame-method Man page
RFspDataFrame2conventional,RFsp-method Man page
RFspDataFrame2dataArray Man page
RFspDataFrame2dataArray,RFgridDataFrame-method Man page
RFspDataFrame2dataArray,RFspatialGridDataFrame-method Man page
RFspDataFrame2dataArray,RFsp-method Man page
[<-,RFsp-method Man page
[,RFsp-method Man page
RFvariogram Man page
R.gamma Man page
R.hypot Man page
R.is Man page
R.lat Man page
R.lgamma Man page
R.llrint Man page
R.llround Man page
R.log Man page
R.log1p Man page
R.log2 Man page
R.logb Man page
R.lon Man page
R.lrint Man page
R.lround Man page
RM Man page
RMangle Man page
RMaskey Man page
RMave Man page
RMball Man page
RMbcw Man page
RMbernoulli Man page
RMbessel Man page
RMbicauchy Man page
RMbigneiting Man page
RMbistable Man page
RMbiwendland Man page
RMbiwm Man page
RMbr2bg Man page
RMbr2eg Man page
RMbrownresnick Man page
RMcardinalsine Man page
RMcauchy Man page
RMcauchytbm Man page
RMchoquet Man page
RMcircular Man page
RMconstant Man page
RMconstant Man page
RMcoord Man page
RMcovariate Man page
RMcoxisham Man page
RMcubic Man page
RMcurlfree Man page
RMcutoff Man page
RMdagum Man page
RMdampedcos Man page
RMdelay Man page
RMdewijsian Man page
RMdivfree Man page
RMeaxxa Man page
RMepscauchy Man page
RMetaxxa Man page
RMexp Man page
RMexponential Man page
RMexponential Man page
RMfbm Man page
RMfixcov Man page
RMfixed Man page
RMflatpower Man page
RMfractdiff Man page
RMfractgauss Man page
RMgauss Man page
RMgencauchy Man page
RMgenfbm Man page
RMgengneiting Man page
RMgennsst Man page
RMgneiting Man page
RMgneitingdiff Man page
RMhandcock Man page
RMhyperbolic Man page
RMiaco Man page
RMid Man page
RMintern Man page
RMintexp Man page
RMintrinsic Man page
R.minus Man page
RMjbessel Man page
RMkbessel Man page
RMkolmogorov Man page
RMlgd Man page
RMlsfbm Man page
RMm2r Man page
RMm3b Man page
RMma Man page
RMmastein Man page
RMmatern Man page
RMmatrix Man page
RMmixed Man page
RMmodel Man page
[<-,RMmodel,ANY,ANY,ANY-method Man page
[,RMmodel,ANY,ANY,ANY-method Man page
[<-,RMmodel,ANY,ANY-method Man page
[,RMmodel,ANY,ANY-method Man page
RMmodel-class Man page
[<-,RMmodelFit,ANY,ANY,ANY-method Man page
[,RMmodelFit,ANY,ANY,ANY-method Man page
[<-,RMmodelFit,ANY,ANY-method Man page
[,RMmodelFit,ANY,ANY-method Man page
RM_modelFit-class Man page
RMmodelFit-class Man page
[<-,RMmodelFit-method Man page
[,RMmodelFit-method Man page
[<-,RMmodelgenerator,ANY,ANY,ANY-method Man page
[,RMmodelgenerator,ANY,ANY,ANY-method Man page
[<-,RMmodelgenerator,ANY,ANY-method Man page
[,RMmodelgenerator,ANY,ANY-method Man page
RMmodelgenerator-class Man page
[<-,RMmodelgenerator-method Man page
[,RMmodelgenerator-method Man page
^,RMmodel,logical-method Man page
-,RMmodel,logical-method Man page
/,RMmodel,logical-method Man page
*,RMmodel,logical-method Man page
+,RMmodel,logical-method Man page
[<-,RMmodel-method Man page
[,RMmodel-method Man page
^,RMmodel,numeric-method Man page
-,RMmodel,numeric-method Man page
/,RMmodel,numeric-method Man page
*,RMmodel,numeric-method Man page
+,RMmodel,numeric-method Man page
^,RMmodel,RMmodel-method Man page
-,RMmodel,RMmodel-method Man page
/,RMmodel,RMmodel-method Man page
*,RMmodel,RMmodel-method Man page
+,RMmodel,RMmodel-method Man page
RMmodels Man page
RMmodelsAdvanced Man page
RMmodelsAuxiliary Man page
RMmodelsMultivariate Man page
RMmodelsNonstationary Man page
RMmodelsSpacetime Man page
RMmodelsSpaceTime Man page
RMmodelsTailCorrelation Man page
RMmodelsTrend Man page
RMmppplus Man page
RMmps Man page
RMmqam Man page
RMmqam Man page
RMmult Man page
RMmult_inverse Man page
RMmultiquad Man page
RMnatsc Man page
RMnonstwm Man page
RMnsst Man page
RMnugget Man page
RMnull Man page
R.models Man page
RMparswm Man page
RMparswmX Man page
RMpenta Man page
RMplus Man page
RMpolygon Man page
RMpolynome Man page
RMpower Man page
RMpower Man page
RMpoweredexp Man page
RMpoweredexponential Man page
RMprod Man page
RMptsGivenShape Man page
RMqam Man page
RMqam Man page
RMqexp Man page
RMr3binner Man page
RMrational Man page
RMrotat Man page
RMrotation Man page
RMS Man page
RMschlather Man page
RMschur Man page
RMselect Man page
RMsetparam Man page
RMshape.ave Man page
RMshape.stp Man page
RMsign Man page
RMsinepower Man page
RMspheric Man page
RMSpower Man page
RMSpower Man page
RMstable Man page
RMstandardShape Man page
RMstatShape Man page
RMstein Man page
RMstp Man page
RMstp Man page
RMstrokorb Man page
RMstrokorbBall Man page
RMstrokorbMono Man page
RMstrokorbPoly Man page
RMsum Man page
RMtbm Man page
RMtent Man page
RMtrafo Man page
RMtrend Man page
RMtruncsupport Man page
R.mult Man page
RMuser Man page
RMvector Man page
RMwave Man page
RMwendland Man page
RMwhittle Man page
R.nearbyint Man page
R.nextafter Man page
R.nexttoward Man page
RO> Man page
RO# Man page
ROmissing Man page
round Man page
R.p Man page
RP Man page
RPaverage Man page
RPbernoulli Man page
RPbrmixed Man page
RPbrorig Man page
RPbrownresnick Man page
RPbrshifted Man page
RPchi2 Man page
RPcirculant Man page
RPcoins Man page
RPcutoff Man page
RPdirect Man page
RPgauss Man page
RPhyperplane Man page
RPintrinsic Man page
R.plus Man page
RPmaxstable Man page
RPmaxstableAdvanced Man page
RPmodel Man page
RPmodels Man page
RPmppplus Man page
RPmult Man page
RPnugget Man page
RPopitz Man page
R.pow Man page
RPplus Man page
RPpoisson Man page
RPprocess Man page
RPprocesses Man page
RPS Man page
RPschlather Man page
RPsequential Man page
RPsmith Man page
RPspecific Man page
RPspectral Man page
RPt Man page
RPtbm Man page
RPtrend Man page
RR Man page
RRarcsqrt Man page
RRdeterm Man page
RRdistr Man page
R.remainder Man page
RRgauss Man page
R.rint Man page
RRloc Man page
RRmcmc Man page
RRmodel Man page
RRmodels Man page
R.round Man page
RRrectangular Man page
RRsetDistr Man page
RRsign Man page
RRspheric Man page
RRunif Man page
R.sin Man page
R.sinh Man page
R.sqrt Man page
R.tan Man page
R.tanh Man page
R.trunc Man page
S02 Man page
S10 Man page
SBS14 Man page
schlather Man page
schlather Man page
schlather Man page
schlather Man page
Schlather Man page
Schlather Man page
Schlather Man page
Schlather Man page
Schoenberg's representation Man page
ScreenDevice Man page
Sequential Man page
showManpages Man page
show,RFempVariog-method Man page
show,RFfit-method Man page
show,RFgridDataFrame-method Man page
show,RFpointsDataFrame-method Man page
show,RFspatialGridDataFrame-method Man page
show,RFspatialPointsDataFrame-method Man page
show,RMmodelFit-method Man page
show,RMmodelgenerator-method Man page
show,RMmodel-method Man page
sin Man page
sine power function Man page
sinh Man page
Sobolev Man page
soil Man page
sp2RF Man page
space-time Man page
Specific Man page
Spectral Man page
sphere Man page
spherical models Man page
Spherical models Man page
sqrt Man page
SS12 Man page
StartExample Man page
str.RMmodel Man page
summary.crossvalidate Man page
summary.RF_empVariog Man page
summary,RFempVariog-method Man page
summary.RF_fit Man page
summary,RFfit-method Man page
summary,RFfit-methodt Man page
summary,RFsp-method Man page
summary.RM_modelFit Man page
summary,RMmodelFit-method Man page
tail correlation functions Man page
Tail correlation functions Man page
tan Man page
tanh Man page
Tbm Man page
tbmdim Man page
tcf Man page
trend Man page
trend modelling Man page
trunc Man page
truncated power function Man page
variab_units Man page
variance,RFgridDataFrame-method Man page
variance,RFpointsDataFrame-method Man page
variance,RFspatialGridDataFrame-method Man page
variance,RFspatialPointsDataFrame-method Man page
variance,RFsp-method Man page
Variogram Man page
weather Man page
whittle-matern Man page
whole Man page
whole.model Man page
zenit Man page


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man/RMmodelsMultivariate.Rd man/RMspheric.Rd man/RMqam.Rd man/RFinterpolate.Rd man/RMsinepower.Rd man/RMaskey.Rd man/RR.Rd man/RPt.Rd man/RMmodel.Rd man/RMstable.Rd man/RMchoquet.Rd man/papers.GSPSJ06.Rd man/RMintern.Rd man/RMeaxxa.Rd man/RMgenfbm.Rd man/RMbrownresnick.Rd man/GaussianFields.Rd man/RMschlather.Rd man/RMepscauchy.Rd man/RRrectangular.Rd man/RPcoin.Rd man/RMgencauchy.Rd man/RFlinearpart.Rd man/RFsimulate.more.examples.Rd man/RFoptionsAdvanced.Rd man/RMnonstwm.Rd man/RMbr2.Rd man/RFgetModelNames.Rd man/RRunif.Rd man/RC.Rd man/conventional2RFspDataFrame.Rd man/RMcauchy.Rd man/RMexponential.Rd man/RFempiricalvariogram.Rd man/RMcubic.Rd man/MajorRevisions.Rd man/RMintexp.Rd man/RMmultiquad.Rd man/internal.Rd man/RMqexp.Rd man/BRspecific.Rd man/RPsmith.Rd man/RMstein.Rd man/RMpower.Rd man/RMstp.Rd man/RMgennsst.Rd man/RFpar.Rd man/RMmodelsTailcorrelation.Rd man/RMcutoff.Rd man/RFoldstyle.Rd man/RPmaxstable.Rd man/RMtrafo.Rd man/RMcauchytbm.Rd man/RMvector.Rd man/RMbcw.Rd man/RMfractdiff.Rd man/RMschur.Rd man/RMdivfree.Rd man/RMstrokorb.Rd man/RMnugget.Rd man/Bayesian.Rd man/RFempVariog-class.Rd man/RPbrownresnick.Rd man/RMcircular.Rd man/RMmult.Rd man/RMiaco.Rd man/RMfbm.Rd man/RFgridDataFrame-class.Rd man/RMcoord.Rd man/RMmodelsSphere.Rd man/RRspherical.Rd man/RFempiricalcovariance.Rd man/RFcov.Rd man/RMrotat.Rd man/RM.Rd man/RFsimulate.Rd man/RMmqam.Rd man/RMbiwm.Rd man/fitgauss.Rd man/RRmcmc.Rd man/RMnsst.Rd man/RMmodel-class.Rd man/RFboxcox.Rd man/RFdistr.Rd man/RMmodelExt-class.Rd man/RMbernoulli.Rd man/RMmodelsTrend.Rd man/RPchi2.Rd man/RPbernoulli.Rd man/RMbr2bg.Rd man/RFhurst.Rd man/RPtbm.Rd man/RMnatsc.Rd man/RMmodelsNonstatationary.Rd man/RRdistr.Rd man/RFsp-class.Rd man/RMdelay.Rd man/RRdeterm.Rd man/RMintrinsic.Rd man/RMcoxisham.Rd man/RMbistable.Rd man/RMbessel.Rd man/obsolete.Rd man/RMave.Rd man/RMpolynome.Rd man/RMgneiting.Rd man/RMfixed.Rd man/RMtrend.Rd man/RMsum.Rd man/RMmatrix.Rd man/RPspectral.Rd man/RMmodelsAdvanced.Rd man/RFsimulate.sophisticated.examples.Rd man/RMcovariate.Rd man/papers.jss14.Rd man/RMsign.Rd man/RMmodelsAuxiliary.Rd man/RMmastein.Rd man/RPopitz.Rd man/RPcirculant.Rd man/RRgauss.Rd man/RPschlather.Rd man/RMparswm.Rd man/RFgetModel.Rd man/RF.Rd man/RFsimulateAdvanced.Rd man/papers.Rd man/RPsequential.Rd man/plot-method.Rd man/RFoptions.Rd man/RMconstant.Rd man/RMoesting.Rd man/RPgauss.Rd man/RMuser.Rd man/RMfractgauss.Rd man/RPpoisson.Rd man/RFgetMethodNames.Rd man/papers.S02.Rd man/RFformula.Rd man/RMlgd.Rd man/RMbicauchy.Rd man/RMmppplus.Rd man/RMangle.Rd man/RMgengneiting.Rd man/RFgetModelInfo.Rd man/RP.Rd man/RFspatialGridDataFrame-class.Rd man/RPspecific.Rd man/RFratiotest.Rd man/RMmodelgenerator-class.Rd man/soil.Rd man/RFpointsDataFrame-class.Rd man/RMbigneiting.Rd man/RMgneitingdiff.Rd man/RMlsfbm.Rd man/RPhyperplane.Rd man/RMS.Rd man/RFempiricalmadogram.Rd man/sp2RF.Rd man/RFgui.Rd man/RMkolmogorov.Rd man/RMtbm.Rd man/RMprod.Rd man/RMexp.Rd man/PrintModelList.Rd man/RMwave.Rd man/RPnugget.Rd man/RFfit-class.Rd man/papers.SBS14.Rd man/RMmodelsSpaceTime.Rd man/RMid.Rd man/RRloc.Rd man/papers.S10.Rd man/weather.Rd man/RFcrossvalidate.Rd man/RMpoissonpoly.Rd man/RMpenta.Rd man/RPmaxstableAdvanced.Rd man/RFfit.Rd man/RMgauss.Rd man/Changings.Rd man/RMdewijsian.Rd man/RMhyperbolic.Rd man/RMma.Rd man/RMcurlfree.Rd man/RMrational.Rd man/papers.SS11.Rd man/RFspatialPointsDataFrame-class.Rd man/RFfractaldim.Rd man/RMdagum.Rd man/RMdampedcos.Rd man/RFfitOptimiser.Rd man/RMplus.Rd man/CoordinateSystems.Rd man/RandomFields.Rd man/RFloglikelihood.Rd man/QMath.Rd man/RMfix.Rd man/RMmatern.Rd man/RMball.Rd man/RMtruncsupport.Rd

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