Man pages for RandomFields
Simulation and Analysis of Random Fields

BayesianBayesian Spatial Modelling
BRmethodsSimulation methods for Brown-Resnick processes
ca20Calcium content in soil samples
ChangingsDocumentation of some further changings
conventional2RFspDataFrameCoercion to class 'RFsp' objects
CoordinateSystemsCoordinate systems
fitgaussDetails on fitting Gaussian random fields, including Box-Cox...
GaussianFieldsMethods for Gaussian Random Fields
internalInternal functions
MajorRevisionsDocumentation of major changings
obsolete2Obsolete functions Version 2
obsolete3Obsolete functions Version 3
papersPapers involving 'RandomFields' and co-authored by M....
papers.GSPSJ06Fast and Exact Simulation of Large Gaussian Lattice Systems...
papers.jss14Covariance models for multivariate and vector-valued fields
papers.S02Models for stationary max-stable random fields
papers.S10On some covariance models based on normal scale mixtures
papers.SBS14Systematic co-occurrence of tail correlation functions among...
papers.SS11Covariance Models for Random Vector Fields
plot-methodMethods for function 'plot' in package 'RandomFields'
PrintModelListInformation about the implemented covariance models
QMathTransformation of coordinate systems
RandomFieldsSimulation and Analysis of Random Fields
RCConstants used in RandomFields (RC constants)
RFEvaluation operators (RF commands)
RFboxcoxLinear part of 'RMmodel'
RFcov(Cross-)Covariance function
RFcovmatrixCovariance matrix
RFcrossvalidateFitting model parameters to spatial data (regionalised...
RFdistrEvaluating distribution families
RFempVariog-classClass 'RFempVariog'
RFfctnEvaluate Covariance and Variogram Functions
RFfitFitting model parameters to spatial data (regionalised...
RFfit-classClass 'RFfit'
RFfitOptimiserOptimisers for fitting model parameters to spatial data
RFformulaRFformula - syntax to design random field models with trend...
RFformulaAdvancedAdvanced RFformula
RFgetMethodNamesSimulation Techniques
RFgetModelInternally stored model
RFgetModelInfoInformation on RMmodels
RFgetModelNamesNames of implemented covariance and variogram models
RFgridDataFrame-classClass 'RFgridDataFrame'
RFguiGraphical User Interface For Fitting Covariance Models And...
RFhurstHurst coefficient
RFinterpolateInterpolation methods
RFlinearpartLinear part of 'RMmodel'
RFloglikelihoodLikelihood and estimation of linear models
RFmadogramEmpirical (Cross-)Madogram
RFoptionsSetting control arguments
RFoptionsAdvancedSetting control arguments of 'RandomFields' - advanced...
RFparGraphical parameters for plots
RFpointsDataFrame-classClass 'RFpointsDataFrame'
RFpseudomadogramEmpirical Pseudomadogram
RFratiotestLikelihood ratio test
RFsimulateSimulation of Random Fields
RFsimulateAdvancedSimulation of Random Fields - Advanced
RFsimulate.more.examplesFurther Examples for the Simulation of Random Fields
RFsimulate.sophisticated.examplesSophisticated Examples for the Simulation of Random Fields
RFspatialGridDataFrame-classClass "RFspatialGridDataFrame"
RFspatialPointsDataFrame-classClass "RFspatialPointsDataFrame"
RFsp-classClass 'RFsp'
RFvariogramEmpirical (Cross-)Variogram
RMOverview over classes of 'RMmodels'
RMangleAnisotropy matrix given by angle
RMaskeyAskey model
RMaveSpace-time moving average model
RMbcwModel bridging stationary and intrinsically stationary...
RMbernoulliCovariance Model for binary field based on a Gaussian field
RMbesselBessel Family Covariance Model
RMbicauchyBivariate Cauchy Model
RMbigneitingGneiting-Wendland Covariance Models
RMbistableBivariate stable Model
RMbiwmFull Bivariate Whittle Matern Model
RMblendScale model for a few areas of different scales and/or...
RMbr2bgTransformation from Brown-Resnick to Bernoulli
RMbr2egTransformation from Brown-Resnick to Gauss
RMbrownresnickTail correlation function of the Brown-Resnick process
RMbubbleBubble model for arbitrary areas of scales
RMcauchyCauchy Family Covariance Model
RMcauchytbmModifications of the Cauchy Family Covariance Model
RMchoquetSchoenberg's representation for the classes psi_d and...
RMcircularCircular Covariance Model
RMconstantCovariance Matrix Constant in Space
RMcovNon-stationary covariance model corresponding to a variogram...
RMcovariateModel for covariates
RMcoxishamCox Isham Covariance Model
RMcubicCubic Covariance Model
RMcurlfreeCurlfree Covariance Model
RMcutoffGneiting's modification towards finite range
RMdagumDagum Covariance Model Family
RMdampedcosExponentially Damped Cosine
RMdeclareDeclaration of dummy variables for statistical inference
RMdelayBivariate Delay Effect
RMderivGradient of a field
RMdewijsianModified De Wijsian Variogram Model
RMdivfreeDivfree Covariance Model
RMeaxxaSpecial models for rotation like fields
RMepscauchyGeneralized Cauchy Family Covariance Model
RMexpExponential Covariance Model
RMexponentialExponential operator
RMfbmVariogram Model of Fractal Brownian Motion
RMfixFixed Covariance Matrix
RMfixedFixed Effect Model
RMfractdiffFractionally Differenced Process Model
RMfractgaussFractal Gaussian Model Family
RMgaussGaussian Covariance Model
RMgencauchyGeneralized Cauchy Family Covariance Model
RMgenfbmGeneralized Fractal Brownian Motion Variogram Model
RMgengneitingGneiting-Wendland Covariance Models
RMgennsstNon-Separable Space-Time model
RMgneitingGneiting Covariance Model
RMgneitingdiffGneiting Covariance Model Used as Tapering Function
RMhyperbolicGeneralized Hyperbolic Covariance Model
RMiacoIaco-Cesare model
RMidIdentical Model
RMidmodelIdentical Model
RMinternInternal models
RMintexpIntegral exponential operator
RMintrinsicIntrinsic Embedding Covariance Model
RMkolmogorovIdentical Model
RMlgdLocal-Global Distinguisher Family Covariance Model
RMlsfbmLocally Positive Definite Function Given by the Fractal...
RMmaMa operator
RMmasteinMa-Stein operator
RMmaternWhittle-Matern Covariance Model
RMmatrixMatrix operator
RMmodelCovariance and Variogram Models in 'RandomFields' (RM...
RMmodel-classClass 'RMmodel'
RMmodelExt-classClass CLASS_FIT
RMmodelgenerator-classClass 'RMmodelgenerator'
RMmodelsAdvancedAdvanced features of the models
RMmodelsAuxiliaryAuxiliary and other Models
RMmodelsMultivariateMultivariate models
RMmodelsNonstatationaryNon-stationary features of the models
RMmodelsSpaceTimeSpace-time Covariance Models
RMmodelsSphereCovariance models valid on a sphere
RMmodelsTailcorrelationCovariance models valid for max-stable random fields
RMmodelsTrendTrend Modelling
RMmppplusMixture of shape functions
RMmqammultivariate quasi-arithmetic mean
RMmultMultiplication of Random Field Models
RMmultiquadThe Multiquadric Family Covariance Model on the Sphere
RMnatscNatural scale
RMnonstwmNon-stationary Whittle-Matern Covariance Model
RMnsstNon-Separable Space-Time model
RMnuggetNugget Effect Covariance Model
RMoestingVariogram Model Similar to Fractal Brownian Motion
RMparswmParsimonious Multivariate Whittle Matern Model
RMpentaPenta Covariance Model
RMplusAddition of Random Field Models
RMpolynomeCreating polynomial models
RMpowerPower operator for Variograms and Covariance functions
RMprodPlain scalar product
RMqamQuasi-arithmetic mean
RMqexpVariant of the exponential model
RMrationalRational function
RMrotatRotation matrices
RMSScaling operator
RMSadvancedScaling operator - comments for advanced applications
RMscaleScale model for arbitrary areas of scales
RMschlatherCovariance Model for binary field based on Gaussian field
RMschurSchur product
RMsignRandom sign
RMsinepowerThe Sinepower Covariance Model on the Sphere
RMsphericThe Spherical Covariance Model
RMstableStable Family / Powered Exponential Model
RMsteinStein's non-separable space-time model
RMstpSingle temporal process
RMstrokorbTail correlation function of the Brown-Resnick process
RMsumPlain scalar product
RMtbmTurning Bands Method
RMtrafoTransformation of coordinate systems
RMtrendTrend Model
RMtruncsupportTruncating the Support of a Shape Function
RMuserUser-Defined Function
RMvectorVector Covariance Model
RMwaveWave Covariance Model / Cardinal Sine
RPModels for classes of random fields (RP commands)
RPbernoulliSimulation of Binary Random Fields
RPbrownresnickBrown-Resnick process
RPchi2Simulation of Chi2 Random Fields
RPcirculantCirculant Embedding methods
RPcoinRandom coin method
RPdirectMethods relying on square roots of the covariance matrix
RPgaussSimulation of Gaussian Random Fields
RPhyperplaneHyperplane method
RPmaxstableSimulation of Max-Stable Random Fields
RPmaxstableAdvancedSimulation examples of advanced Max-Stable Random Fields
RPnuggetMethod to simulate the Nugget effect
RPopitzExtremal t process
RPpoissonSimulation of Poisson Random Fields
RPschlatherExtremal Gaussian process
RPsequentialMethods relying on square roots of the covariance matrix
RPsmith(Mixed) Moving Maxima
RPspecificMethods that are specific to certain covariance models
RPspectralSpectral turning bands method
RPtSimulation of T Random Fields
RPtbmTurning Bands method
RRDistribution families (RR commands)
RRdetermDegenerate Distributions
RRdistrDefinition of Distribution Families
RRgaussVector Of Independent Gaussian Random Variables
RRlocLocation and Scale Modification of A Distribution
RRmcmcRandom Sample From The Modulus Of A Function
RRrectangularRandom scaling used with balls
RRsphericalRandom scaling used with balls
RRunifUniform Distribution in Higher Dimensions
soilSoil data of North Bavaria, Germany
sp2RFTransformation of an 'sp' object to an 'RFsp' object
weatherPressure and temperature forecast errors over the Pacific...
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